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Welcome to Gondwana Link

South-western Australia is an amazing place. It is one of the world's top 35 biodiversity hotspots, places "where exceptional concentrations of endemic species are undergoing exceptional loss of habitat".

Gondwana Link is our best chance to achieve reconnected, healthy and resilient country across south-western Australia. It builds on many decades of conservation work. We have a 1,000km goal, with over 900km of bushland already in place.

Gondwana Link is a collaborative effort entering its eleventh year of achievement, an inspiring example of how a broad spectrum of local, regional and national groups can work together. With the support of Gondwana Link Ltd, these groups are:

  • restoring ecological connectivity across south-western Australia, from the dry woodlands of the interior to the tall wet forests of the far south-west corner;
  • protecting and restoring biodiverse bushland on an unprecedented scale; and
  • building a living link that reaches eastward across the continent.

Our vision is both audacious and achievable but it needs your help


WINNER of the 2013
Land and Biodiversity Award
Preserving Our Ecosystems