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About us

The inspiration for Gondwana Link began with an early satellite photograph of Australia’s southwestern corner. That photo showed the vast extent of natural vegetation lost since European settlement. It also showed the opportunity we have to protect the remaining areas and to reconnect an important evolutionary pathway - from the tall southwestern forests to semi-arid woodlands bordering the inland deserts. 

A simple plan was conceived: protect what remains, restore the critical gaps, maintain the extraordinary nature of southwestern Australia. And do it at a scale readily visible from space.

Gondwana Link’s vision is:

"Reconnected country, from the karri forests of the far south west to the woodland and mallee bordering the Nullarbor, in which ecosystem function and biodiversity are restored and maintained".

Achieving Gondwana Link is a huge task, requiring diverse skills and resources. Our first step in 2002 was to draw together a collaboration of key groups enthused by the vision, and wanting to play their role. Others have since joined the effort as the momentum of the work has grown. Each have a track record of achievement in environmental protection and management and a commitment to making the Gondwana Link vision a reality. 

Effectiveness hits a new high when you have the full environmental spectrum working together - key individuals, small local groups, farmer production groups, environmental businesses, national advocacy groups, national revegetation and bush protection groups and the world’s largest environmental organisation.

Gondwana Link Ltd 
In 2009, the small coordination unit became a not for profit company, Gondwana Link Ltd, and continues to support and integrate the work undertaken by the various groups, businesses and individuals.  More on Gondwana Link Ltd.

Key supporters
Other groups also complement our work. There are many other organisations that may not have formally identified themselves as supporting Gondwana Link, but whose work definitely complements what we are trying to do, or has provided the foundations on which we can now build. These include community landcare groups, tertiary institutions, artists, government agencies, environmental ratbags and corporate sponsors. More on other work

Individual action
Individual support and friendship have been critical elements in our ongoing work. Individuals support Gondwana Link through property purchase, management and restoration, direct injection of funds through donations, providing information and in many other ways. People matter! More on individual action.

If you’re not already involved, we invite you to join us in this work.

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