Gondwana Link


Since 2002 the Gondwana Link program has been supported by global, national and local organisations and a wonderful array of individuals, donors and funders. We are all working together to reconnect natural habitats across 1000 km of south-western Australia – a place of incredible diversity.

At the heart of Gondwana Link is a bold but simple plan: protect what bushland remains, restore the critical gaps, and maintain the extraordinary nature of south-western Australia.

And do it at a scale readily visible from space.

KC-FranklandR >Karri trees beside the Frankland River.
Proteaceous heath FS440-16
Proteaceous heath FS440-16 >Typical mallee heath with proteaceous species (eg banksias) which are highly evolved and flourish into this country. Photo Chinch Gryniewicz.
Black cockatoos
Black cockatoos >Some birds can fly long distances over disturbed areas. Others like the blue wren will only fly a few meters across cleared spaces. So habitat connectivity is different for different species. Photo Raana Scott.
Yarrabee before FS440-10
Yarrabee before FS440-10 >Restoration on Yarrabee just east of the Stirlings. Some locals feel this land and neighbouring blocks should never have been cleared as they are agriculturally low productivity. Gondwana Link are delighted to return the property to nature.
Yarrabee after FS440-19
Yarrabee after FS440-19 >Here is the same place 9 years later. Photo Amanda Keesing.