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The commitment, good will and enthusiasm of private donors has made the Gondwana Link program and all its achievements possible.

Since our inception in 2002, we estimate that over $35 million has been raised and spent by the various groups involved in the work of achieving Gondwana Link, with over 70% coming from private sources.

The flexibility and leading edge work enabled by private funding has attracted considerable public funding, sourced by groups from the Australian and Western Australian Governments through their various programs and projects, such as National Heritage Trust, National Reserves System and Caring for Our Country, the National Landcare Program and the State NRM Program.

Commercial funding is starting to arrive through carbon sequestration programs and investment in multi-species sandalwood. This deliberately diverse mix of funding allow for flexibility, strategic focus and continuity in achieving the Gondwana Link vision.

Helping achieve success across all of Gondwana Link

Gondwana Link Ltd has a small staff which work to support the whole vision and the groups involved.

Donations can be made directly to Gondwana Link Ltd to support their coordinating role.

Gondwana Link Ltd is registered with the Australian Government as a Deductible Gift Recipient and all donations over $2 are tax deductable. Donate

Supporting the groups working to achieve Gondwana Link

Your donations can make a real difference on the ground in key sections of the Link. Contact the groups for details on how you can contribute to their Gondwana Link work. Donate