Gondwana Link

Our Staff

Stretched thin across the entire 1,000km are four staff.

Keith, Amanda and Jillian are based in Albany while Peter Price is based between Perth and the Great Western Woodlands.

Our staff are:

Keith Bradby - CEO

Keith Bradby moved from Victoria to Western Australia in 1976. For many years he lived in the bush near Ravensthorpe and worked as a bee keeper and seed picker. During this time Keith developed a deep appreciation and knowledge of the region's unique flora, wildlife, society and cultural heritage. For 25 years Keith has worked for an end to land clearing in south-western Australia. In the early 1980s he was part of a small group of people who successfully fought government proposals to open up a further 3 million hectares of land for farming. In the same period he was active in establishing the Fitzgerald River National Park Association and local landcare groups. In the early 90s he achieved success as the Coordinator of the Community Catchment Centre for the Peel-Harvey Estuary, by engaging with the local farming community, and subsequently wrote a history of the estuary and efforts to rescue it. As a government troubleshooter in the late 90s he played a key role in tightening controls on large scale land clearing. In 2001 Keith and Frank Rijavec worked together on the nationally acclaimed documentary ‘A Million Acres a Year’, which tells the story of how a region now recognised as one of the top 25 biological hotspots on the planet was opened up for broadacre farming. Since late 2002 Keith has been working for Gondwana Link and is currently the Gondwana Link Chief Executive Officer. His commitment to conservation with and by the community has led to him also being Chair of the WA Landcare Network and sitting on the Board of the National Landcare Network.


Keith Bradby

Amanda Keesing - Information Manager

Amanda's passion has always been the natural environment. Amanda has a degree in Biology from Murdoch University, plus Honours in Microbial Genetics, and has worked in various university laboratories. After several years editing and publishing a magazine on viruses in Asia, Amanda moved to the south coast of Western Australia where she and her husband raised a family and ran a small farm. During this time Amanda was very involved with the Walpole-Nornalup National Park Association. After moving to Albany in early 2003 Amanda began work with Gondwana Link. Her leisure time is spent exploring and photographing the natural wonders of the area. Amanda's current role is the Gondwana Link Ltd's Information Manager.


Amanda Keesing

Peter Price - Program Manager, Great Western Woodlands

Peter has an extensive background in ‘Outback Australia’. His family owned and managed Coodardy Station at Cue for many years, which is where Peter grew up. He has spent many years operating a pastoral consulting practice specialising in the restructuring and management of pastoral enterprises. This included negotiating exploration access and mining impact agreements between pastoral and mining interests, as well as acquiring land for Traditional Owner groups. He has also worked nationally and internationally on sales and marketing in agricultural products and services and the development and marketing of innovative technologies. In February 2010 Peter joined us as Program Manager for Great Western Woodlands, working to see the Woodlands being recognised, managed and protected as an intact and connected landscape, through cooperation with regional stakeholders including traditional owners, pastoral and mining industries, local and state government and community. He plays a particularly strong role supporting the Ngadju and Nyungar Native Title holders.


Peter Price

Jillian Siegert - Office Manager

Jillian takes care of the finances and plays a key role in managing the Nowanup Rangers program. She is cheerful and capable and will tackle anything that needs doing.


Jillian Siegert