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Where we work

Gondwana Link stretches across 1,000 km of the south western Australia, from the cool, high rainfall forests and wetlands at the south-western most part of the continent, to the semi-arid woodlands and mallee country bordering the Nullarbor Plain. 

As you move across Gondwana Link you move through different ecosystems with different ecological imperatives. The nature of the ecosystems, the human activities in and around them, plus the current and future threats dictate the work that needs to be done. To manage this we have broken the Link into a number of ‘operational’ areas.  These different areas need different strategies and the work of devising and implementing these strategies is usually led by different groups. For example cleared areas need restoration to address habitat fragmentation while bushland areas may need increased management and protection from threatening processes.

Go to Achieving the vision to find out more about each of the areas and the work being undertaken.