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Cultural Mapping and Management of the Middle Gairdner River
Fabulous day at Jerramungup today celebrating the completion of the ‘Cultural Mapping and Management of the Middle Gairdner River’ project and the launch of the associated Cultural Heritage Action Plan. The Yarramoup Aboriginal Corporation undertook this project with support and involvement of other local Noongar Elders, the Nowanup Rangers, Applied Archaeology Australia, Gondwana Link and the University of Western Australia. Thanks to State NRM for project funding.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Feral Cat workshop
Last Friday's Feral Cat workshop, organised by Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, was a great success. The day consisted of a series of self-managed, open discussions on topics put forward by the participants! The flavour of the topics varied from ‘Is it worth undertaking a feral cat control if it is not part of an integrated feral control program?’ and ‘How can we collaborate more effectively?’ to ‘How do we win the hearts and minds of people to better manage cats?’?
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Gondwana Link's Biodiversity Trail is happening!
Gondwana Link's Biodiversity Trail is happening! Many thanks to Regional Development Minister Alannah McTiernan, who this morning included our $84,000 bid for the Central Zone Pilot Trail when announcing successful applicants for the Great Southern Regional Economic Development Grants. We initially worked with the Great Southern Development Commission and many community groups to develop the concept in 2015, and then had a few hold-ups. Great to get started and have so many colleagues keen to b
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Letter by Elsie Wright
What an wonderful community we live and work amongst, which produces not only fine citizens but fine 12 year old citizens. Great letter Elsie Wright
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Yep - we need more trees!
Yep - we need more trees! A 'slightly warm' day saw visiting UWA Restoration Ecology students hug the shade as they visited some ambitious saltland restoration sites on Peter Luscombe's property in the Ranges Link section of Gondwana Link. But results so far are good, with Peter and Lucia Quearry able to show off some impressive growth after only two years, plus new ecological connections across farmland on the hills, and of course progress at Twin Creeks Community Conservation Reserve.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
NZ Predator Free 2050 visit
Sharing experiences across the Tasman (and boasting a bit). Last week we had a very enjoyable and informative visit from Ed Chignell, CEO of the ambitious Predator Free 2050, a program working to transform wildlife across New Zealand by getting rid of feral predators. It was wonderful to talk with someone so visionary, to hear of other transformative NZ efforts such as their Billion Tree program, and to swap notes on how to provide effective support across numerous groups and individuals.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Healthy catchments mean healthy estuaries, which means you can start getting the oysters back.
Healthy catchments mean healthy estuaries, which means you can start getting the oysters back. If you are in or around Albany on the 18th of December this should be a great gathering to talk about the work underway to restore oysters to Oyster Harbour (which sounds like a logical place to do it).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Filming to make short documentaries
Yes we are out there gathering some of many stories about the wonderful people, groups and places we work with. Gondwana Link now has an ongoing program of short documentaries, and maybe a a long one or two, with 'Sound in the Ground' the first to be filmed. Its incredibly exciting what local groups like Friends of the Porongurups have achieved, and its time to share that excitement with a much wider audience.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
We're not ones for small talk, but its always good to share lessons learnt with good mates.
We're not ones for small talk, but its always good to share lessons learnt with good mates. So Gondwana Link CEO Keith Bradby ended up in Maleny, with our colleagues from Hinterland Bush Links, including the energetic Susie Duncan, swapping notes on what's different and whats the same between the Queensland rainforest and WA's kwongan, mallee and woodlands (hint; there's good people doing their best on both sides of Australia, but Maleny can have 3/4 metre of rain in a weekend - that weekend
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A multi-perspective environmental history of the Great Western Woodlands – and the Daintree Rainforest?
A multi-perspective environmental history of the Great Western Woodlands – and the Daintree Rainforest? Yep, its happening - and work has been underway for some months now. Gondwana Link is delighted to be supporting the delightful Alexandra Vlachos, visiting researcher from Switzerland’s Bern University, currently working with Professor Andrea Gaynor from University of WA (the dynamic duo are pictured on McDermid Rock in the Woodlands).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Introducing Associate Professor Eugene Eades
Ladies and gentlemen. We'd like to introduce Associate Professor Eugene Eades from Curtin University, pictured here with his colleague Professor Jill Downie, also from Curtin. Eugene's appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor was announced today, at Nowanup, by Professor Deborah Terry, Vice-Chancellor of Curtin, in a delightful ceremony which included the signing of a Statement of Intent between Curtin and Gondwana Link to establish the Nowanup Learning Centre (aka the Bush University).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A Hot Topic - prescribed burning.
A Hot Topic - prescribed burning. For those concerned with the linked issues of fire, ecological health and public safety, the Nornalup Residents and Ratepayers Association is organising a public debate and workshop on bushfire awareness to be held on 6 October from 10am to 2pm at the Nornalup Community Hall.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Awards for Curtin's Bush University Design competition have been awarded
What a great bunch of up and coming young 'uns. The Awards for Curtin's Bush University Design competition have been awarded, with the winning design was created by the SPH Architecture and Interiors team.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nowanup Rangers blitz on Victorian Tea Tree
Wonderful to see the first people of the country out managing the country. Well done Nowanup Rangers, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group and all involved.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
New bushland looking great
They are proud of their new bushland out in Ranges Link - and so they should be. Looking great! Woogenellup local species mix direct seeded, matched to soil type.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nowanup Bush University is a happening thing!
Nowanup Bush University is a happening thing! A great launch at Curtin University yesterday for the competing designs for the Bush University. Some fantastic concepts put forward, and we now know the judging is going to be very very difficult.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Rain triggers tree planting
Enough rain to start getting those seedlings into the ground, and hopefully more rain coming this week to water them in. Today Errol Eades and Jason Bolton are working north of Cranbrook on the first planting in Greening Australia's current 1000 ha program across Gondwana Link (funded through the Australian Government's 20 Million Trees program).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Porongurup 'Art in the Park'
We have to share these great pics by Frank Rijavec and Barbara Madden of the recent ‘Art in the Park’ exhibition hosted by the Friends of the Porongurup Range. Frank’s pictures show ‘Steel Feather’ by Kevin Draper; ‘Pelican Pete’ by Brad Lucas; ‘Re-pressed’ by Paul Elliot; ‘Mountain Mural’ by South Stirling Primary School. Barb’s photos show her cyclist friends enjoying ‘Peddling Back in Time’ by Luke Barker, and ‘280’ parrots by Dave Taylor. Enjoy!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Jungkajunkga Day
It's on again! The Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation presents a fun filled cultural day in Norseman on 21 April 2018.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Fences and connectivity
A global collective of renowned scientists has produced a good, if slightly gruesome in its photos, article about the damage big fences do to connectivity across the world.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Birds of a feather?
Kevin Draper’s stunning ‘Steel Feather’ (for scale, find my hat) is one of my favourites in the current Porongurup Range ‘Art in the Park’ event. The scale of the feather seems to fit the grandeur of the birds – the Forest Red-tailed Cockatoo – especially in that magnificent setting.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A must see!
Blessed with another large Noongar painting in the Gondwana Link office foyer. Basil Schur (Green Skills) commissioned this canvas by Errol Eades and his partner Audrey Bolton.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
South Coast Festival of Birds
The South Coast Festival of Birds' events took place in February and March 2018. Activities included outings,library talks workshops, a photo and art exhibition, symposium, film nights, and more. This festival was organised by Green Skills and BirdLife Western Australia, with support by Lotterywest and many local groups and organisations.
Posted by: Basil Schur
Big Day in Canberra's Botanic Gardens
The global face of Connectivity Conservation. As members of the World Commission on Protected Areas, Gondwana Link Chair Virginia Young and CEO Keith Bradby have attended a day long workshop at the Botanic Gardens in Canberra, to review a proposed set of international standards for Areas of Connectivity Conservation.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Celebrating the Fitzgerald Biosphere renomination
Yesterday was awesome. Along with 160 others, I attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Fitzgerald Biosphere and the successful renomination of this remarkable place into the global UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.
Posted by: Amanda Keesing