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Louise has a PhD Sustainability and Technology Policy Murdoch University. She is a sustainability practitioner and facilitator with thirty years experience in facilitating, developing and implementing environmental initiatives across the Great Southern region and beyond. Louise has worked with all sectors of the South Coast community delivering education and training and projects that build understanding and appreciation of the deep connections between people and places that underpin our social, economic and spiritual wellbeing. She has been involved with the development of environmental tourism in the region since 1994 initiating a specific course in the field, and supervising projects such as the surveying of 30 sites across the coastal region to assess environmental impacts and the market potential of ecotourism. Recent projects include development of the Shire of Denmark bike plan, and assessment of the economic and social capacity of the south coast to adapt to changing climate. Louise is known by many for her work with Green Skills, the Torbay Catchment Group and the WA Landcare Network.

Celebrating restoration success in the Fitz-Stirling region

So great to be out there celebrating the transformations from paddock to growing woodlands at Monjebup (Bush Heritage) and Yarraweyah (privately owned) properties. The whole mob were there hosted by Bush Heritage, welcomed by Eugene Eades and Elders, sponsors, supporters, Greening Australia, Green Skills, scientists, volunteers.... You name them they were there - more than 130 of them!! The Fitz-Stirling Link is a great showcase for the whole Link - inspiring for what we can achieve together right across Gondwana Link.

Posted by: Louise Duxbury