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Cultural Mapping and Management of the Middle Gairdner River
Fabulous day at Jerramungup today celebrating the completion of the ‘Cultural Mapping and Management of the Middle Gairdner River’ project and the launch of the associated Cultural Heritage Action Plan. The Yarramoup Aboriginal Corporation undertook this project with support and involvement of other local Noongar Elders, the Nowanup Rangers, Applied Archaeology Australia, Gondwana Link and the University of Western Australia. Thanks to State NRM for project funding.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nowanup Rangers blitz on Victorian Tea Tree
Wonderful to see the first people of the country out managing the country. Well done Nowanup Rangers, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group and all involved.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nowanup Bush University is a happening thing!
Nowanup Bush University is a happening thing! A great launch at Curtin University yesterday for the competing designs for the Bush University. Some fantastic concepts put forward, and we now know the judging is going to be very very difficult.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Native Title win for Mirning People
We congratulate our friends to the east of Gondwana Link. This week the Federal Court of Australia handed down a landmark determination for the Nullarbor's Mirning people. This follows an 18 year legal battle for recognition of rights over their traditional land.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Proud moment for all of us
After many years of support, and our direct administration of the Ranger Team for nearly five years while capacity was built, we have now handed over management of the Ngadju Ranger Team to the Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Two way learning at Nowanup with Curtin University
Two way learning at Nowanup got a lovely boost yesterday. Curtin University staff and Noongar Elders met at Nowanup to plan out a program of learning from and supporting each other. Curtin University is expanding its program of bringing groups of students to Nowanup to camp on country and learn about Noongar culture and land management. In return these students will use their skills and knowledge to assist the Noongar
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Ngadju Conservation at the Indigenous Desert Alliance
Proud to be involved with the Indigenous Desert Alliance - where the people looking after the living heart of Australia come together. Ngadju Conservation Coordinator Les Schultz attended their annual workshop in Perth, along with key Gondwana Link staff Mike Griffiths and Peter Price. Ngadju Conservation are a founding member of the Alliance, which now involves some 20 ranger groups from the central desert and surrounding areas. Les updated his
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Elder speaks about Bungalbin (Helena and Aurora Range)
On 13 November 2016 Brian Champion (Elder, Traditional Owner of Kalamaia Kapurn People) speaks for his people from Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin. The Range, known as Bungalbin to his people, Brian says that the beauty of Bungalbin needs to be "left alone" - to leave it as it is for all generations, of all peoples, to enjoy long in to the future. Don’t destroy Bungalbin by mining ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hljNjej5F0
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Dancers at the Sydney Opera House
James Schultz and the Ngadju dancers are performing at the Sydney Opera House Sunday 9th October in the Homeground National Indigenous Dance Competition. Enjoy yourselves and meeting other dancers, artists and musicians from First Nation peoples from round the world. Go Ngadju Nation, protectors of the Great Western Woodlands!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Exploring the interaction between SW Australia's earliest human inhabitants and its flora.
Here's one of the many inspiring people who are doing great work across the biologically richest corner of the Australian continent. Alison Lullfitz is a PhD student in the field of ethnobotany, based at the UWA - Albany Centre."By working collaboratively with Noongar Traditional Owners and archaeologists on a range of investigations, my ethnobotanical research explores interactions between South West Australia’s earliest human inhabitants and its flora.It's focused in the Esperance
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Conservation team review actions and plan next steps
The last 3 days have been very rewarding. The Ngadju Conservation team and others met in Norseman to review their priorities for Ngadju land management. During the discussions the older Ngadju women expressed a desire to get out on country with the younger women to clean out rock holes, find bush foods and medicines and hand down their knowledge to the younger generations. There is now a plan to make
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Welcome to Ngadju Country entry signs
Wonderful to see these new signs in place recognising Ngadju country. Congratulations to Ngadju Conservation and the Shire of Dundas for working together on this initiative. A great start to NAIDOC week for Ngadju. Yalunya Ngartawarri ngalba yungah Ngadju wamu indeed! (Welcome tree bushland big)
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Cooking up a storm at the Bush University.
The Elder in Residence at Curtin University’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Associate Professor Simon Forest, has brought a group of mixed-course students to Nowanup. With little idea of what they were in for, the cohort left Nowanup on Thursday deeply moved and inspired by the Gondwana Link and Nowanup story. Several are keeping in touch and plan to return to Nowanup’s Bush University to further explore Noongar culture, issues, our
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Plan-do-review-expand - - then fly?
A good few days in Norseman with Ngadju Conservation, where the Ranger team joined with Elders and planners to review progress and talk about some ambitious plans to secure ongoing funding. We had a refresher look at the Ngadju Conservation Action Plan, developed by Ngadju with Paula Deegan last year, had planner Nic Gambold share his experiences with Ranger groups in northern Australia, and then had ‘Drone Master’ John Chandler
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Rangers build capacity to boost nationally significant conservation
A good round up of recent progress by Ngadju Conservation is in this Month's issue of Rangelands NRM news - including the new premises and the quarantine fence established around the Noogoora Burr infestation. Great to see everyone working together so well.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nowanup: Healing country, healing people.
The ongoing restoration work at Nowanup, in the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link, has been highlighted in a short article published on-line today by the journal Ecological Management and Restoration. The map shows the ‘Karta-Wongkin-Jini’ (place where people come together) area, planted last year. It was designed and implemented by Noongar leader Eugene Eades and restoration ecologist Justin Jonson. The design represents Noongar communities across the region. ‘The plantin
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Healthy country – Healthy people.
Ngadju Conservation’s Les Schultz talks on national radio about the importance of Ranger programs, and the incredible value they provide for outback communities. Link to interview.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Photo monitoring burnt-out malleefowl nest mounds
Work to monitor recovery from last November’s devastating fires in the Great Western Woodlands is well underway. Ngadju Rangers have already located and established photo monitoring points at a number of burnt-out malleefowl nest mounds. A simple GPS mapped star picket is set up as the camera base for photos to be taken at regular intervals for the next 10-15-20 years, or however long it takes for leaf litter to
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Indigenous rangers launch Working for Our Country report in Parliament
The full Pew Report launched in Canberra today (with a little bit of help from us) countryneedspeople.org.au 
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju go National!
Ngadju Conservation Convenor Les Schultz and Gondwana Link’s Peter Price are in Canberra as guests of the Pew Charitable Trusts. This morning at Parliament House, they joined with other key indigenous leaders, members of parliament and senior departmental figures to launch a major report by Pew outlining the economic and social benefits of Indigenous Ranger and Indigenous Protected Area programs. Rick Wilson MHR, the member for Ngadju Country (sometimes known
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Cactus control at Rawlinna
A team from Ngadju Conservation have been out on the Nullarbor at Rawlinna, working to control invasive cactus. The work, which was organised and funded through the Goldfields-Nullarbor Rangelands Biosecurity Group, involved spraying the bigger cactus clumps, then extensive grid walking to ?detect and destroy? small seedlings hidden amongst the grass and shrubs. Apart from dealing with a hazardous plant, the week marked the beginning of a new
Posted by: Keith Bradby
We’re delighted to announce that Mike Griffiths has joined Gondwana Link’s Great Western Woodlands Program. Mike, pictured here (on the left) with his Program Manager, Peter Price, started work this week as Woodlands Operations Manager, based in the ‘heart of the woodlands’ at Norseman. Mike’s work program has a strong initial focus on supporting our Ngadju Conservation colleagues, as they move from their planning and training phases into extensive on-ground
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Training in land management
With their Conservation Action Plan all but completed, Ngadju Conservation is increasing their on-ground program. Training in weed identification, mapping and control was undertaken this Thursday and Friday, in a delightfully shady ‘classroom’. Training turned to action pretty fast when a nasty patch of Noogoora Burr was found during the initial weed survey at Bromus Dam. A few hours later the patch had been mapped onto the database and killed!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Conservation at Australian Rangelands Society Conference
A big gathering for the Outback in Alice Springs this week, with the Australian Rangelands Society Conference in full swing. We were delighted to support a strong Ngadju presence, with Ngadju Conservation's David Graham (on the right of the picture) presenting on their land management program, and trainees Eric Wilson and Matt McKenzie (centre) able to meet with Traditional Owners running similar programs across Australia. Gondwana Link's Peter Price (on
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Native Title determination
Congratulations to our Ngadju friends and colleagues for gaining legal recognition of their Native Title. An historic day, with many more to come as they resume authority over their country.ABC story  'Native title claim for Ngadju people in Western Australia's Goldfields recognised after 18 years'.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Conservation’s program support from Rangelands NRM
Gondwana Link has just announced its next program with Ngadju Conservation, with this stage funded through support from Rangelands NRM. As the ABC’s WA Country Hour reports, “A program aimed at conserving the traditional land management practices of the Ngadju people is underway near Norseman. The program is a collaboration between Rangelands Natural Resource Management, Gondwana Link and the local indigenous community. The five year project will include fire mitigation,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Exchanging knowledge
Ngadju young leaders joined the Millennium Kids 'Project Explore' program in the Kambalda Nature Reserve, Great Western Woodlands, with the kids learning how to use binoculars whilst teaching the scientists a thing or two about bushtucker!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju representation at the World Indigenous Network Conference
Here's the Ngadju Conservation team (James Schultz, Les Schultz, David Graham and Daniel Graham) visiting Darwin for the World Indigenous Network Conference. Ngadju land straddles the Great Western Woodlands and the Nullarbor. Gondwana Link’s Peter Price organised the trip and we feel really proud that, together with the Pew Environment Group, we have helped these Ngadju men connect with like-minded colleagues from northern Australia and around the world.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Cultural Corridors Schools Week
What a great week has just been had at Nowanup, in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link. Greenings Eugene Eades and South Coast NRM?s Natasha Moore have pulled together another fantastic ?Biodiversity Week? for students from all the local schools, which, as the photos show, included a great immersion into Noongar culture, led by a fantastic dance group down from Ballardong country. Everyone got to learn some Noongar words,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju show us over their country
Ngadju leaders have been good enough to spend time showing the Wilderness Society team over some of the wonderful country east of the wheatbelt. Many thanks to Phil Drayson from Goldfields Land and Sea Council for organising the trip.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Nowanup Meeting Place is launched, in style!
Kaya! Kaya! Two years after the Elders decided to establish a meeting place, and after it had been constructed and used for many, many events and gatherings, the Meeting Place was formally launched. Noongar Elders organised the event with Greening Australia, and invited WA Minister for Environment David Templeman to do the honours. He did that well, starting with five minutes of fluent Noongar, stunning all of us who had
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Healing land and people
Building on the momentum that has led to the Nowanup Meeting Place being developed, Eugene Eades has led a program which saw over 120 Noongar men come to the region for a weekend of talking, sharing and the first night dancing for decades. With much appreciated support from the Borden community they camped at the Borden Pavilion, with the day’s proceedings mainly held at Nowanup (which is not yet ready
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A Meeting Place for all.
With guidance from his Noongar Elders and a team of energetic young Noongar men, Eugene Eades has commenced work on a bush meeting place at Greening Australia?s Nowanup property. The Meeting Place design is based on a traditional camp, with a centre fire-place and seats around. Many of the materials came from the property.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Noongar women restoring connections to country
David Guilfoyle, NRM ‘Restoring Connections’ project co-ordinator has organised this very significant trip of Noongar women into the Pallinup valley, visiting important sites where many of them had lived and worked before, and to Greening Australia’s Nowanup property. Most of the women live in Albany, and for many it was their first trip out to country in a very long time. One of the families present was represented by four
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Noongar Elders visit the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area
An important and memorable day with Noongar Elders in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area. We shared our stories and explored how the Gondwana Link program can better support the aspirations and needs of the Noongar communities of the region. One highlight was a visit to the Link?s Nowanup property, which is being made available to the Noongar community for ongoing use. Another was the many stories shared along the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
“Restoring Connections’ program receives support
Congratulations to our colleagues in SCRIPT and the South West Catchments Council who have been successful in their application to the Australian Government for $911,000 over three years to support a joint project ‘Restoring connections between people and land in south western Australia’. This project will fund work by the Noongar community to establish a number of sites, in both the South Coast and South West regions, where ecological and
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Sharing with the Noongar community
After a number of discussions over the last year we joined with Kelly Flugge from the South Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team (SCRIPT) and a number of key members of the Noongar community for a joint tour of important Noongar sites in and around the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link, plus a visit to Bush Heritage?s Chereninup Creek Reserve and outline of the work underway there. This was followed
Posted by: Keith Bradby