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Letter by Elsie Wright
What an wonderful community we live and work amongst, which produces not only fine citizens but fine 12 year old citizens. Great letter Elsie Wright
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Yep - we need more trees!
Yep - we need more trees! A 'slightly warm' day saw visiting UWA Restoration Ecology students hug the shade as they visited some ambitious saltland restoration sites on Peter Luscombe's property in the Ranges Link section of Gondwana Link. But results so far are good, with Peter and Lucia Quearry able to show off some impressive growth after only two years, plus new ecological connections across farmland on the hills, and of course progress at Twin Creeks Community Conservation Reserve.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A multi-perspective environmental history of the Great Western Woodlands – and the Daintree Rainforest?
A multi-perspective environmental history of the Great Western Woodlands – and the Daintree Rainforest? Yep, its happening - and work has been underway for some months now. Gondwana Link is delighted to be supporting the delightful Alexandra Vlachos, visiting researcher from Switzerland’s Bern University, currently working with Professor Andrea Gaynor from University of WA (the dynamic duo are pictured on McDermid Rock in the Woodlands).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Kids on Country
Great work happening in and around Coolgardie. Kids leading the way back to country and developing 'kid to kid' visits with their Indonesian friends.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Recognition of Norseman as the heart of the Great Western Woodlands
Congratulations to the Shire of Dundas, and a big thank you to Minister for Regional Development Terry Redman.  Minister Redman has just announced a $1.6 million investment, through the Goldfields-Esperance Revitalisation Fund, for a new cultural, visitor and community precinct in Norseman.According to Minister Redman: "re-inventing the visitor centre will showcase the Great Western Woodlands and indigenous culture of the Norseman area through a number of interpretive elements."The Minister
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Flashback to 2003 at Chingarrup Sanctuary
Flashback. For those enjoying our previous post on all the good people with good will doing good work on and around Chingarrup Sanctuary at present, we dug these out of the (now extensive) archive. A slightly younger Eddy and Donna Wajon relaxing in their newly renovated quarters, plus some of what the front paddock looked like in 2003 (this is where their interview in the 'Giving back to country' video
Posted by: Keith Bradby
CSIRO canteen with Peter Brenton and friends
We are tackling the big (and slightly scary) question of what makes for good data management to demonstrate trends, priorities and outcomes (across a thousand kilometres or two). Cooperation with our Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GERI) colleagues continued after our recent Board meeting. We travelled to Canberra with GERI’s Gary Howling to meet with Veronica Doerr, from CSIRO’s Ecosystems and Biodiversity section, and Peter Brenton from the Atlas of Living
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Black Mountain Laboratories
Public good research no longer valued? Overshadowing Gondwana Link and Great Eastern Ranges wonderfully productive visit to CSIRO’s Black Mountain facility was the widespread concern about ongoing redundancy’s and their impact on the ‘public good’ work that CSIRO has a global reputation for. While announcement of major redundancies amongst climate change scientists has hit the media, there has also been steady attrition underway across many of the other Divisions, most
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Working together across Australia.
Gondwana Link’s Board met this week with key members of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GERI), our main ‘equivalent’ organisation in Australia. GERI is supporting on-ground efforts in three states, Victoria, NSW and Queensland, and was established by the NSW Government, who continue to fund parts of the program. Despite our totally different origins (GERI grew as a government program, and Gondwana from the private sector) we have long recognised
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Visit by WA Environment Minister Albert Jacobs
A big thank you to WA Environment Minister Albert Jacobs, Minister Jacobs dropped into the Gondwana Link Albany office on Thursday with key staff. CEO Keith Bradby, Information Manager Amanda Keesing, Board member Louise Duxbury and Lucia Quearry from Ranges Link met with the Minister. We really appreciated his time and the opportunity to outline the overall program, and shared his enthusiasm for what can be achieved given the compression
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Miss you both
It?s a bit lonely in the Gondwana Link office this week. We miss the company of Ben McGowan and Francesca Ciantar, who have been with us for the past three weeks - a delightful couple doing significant work. Ben?s PhD is on ?The Political Ecology of Australia?s National Reserve System ? the political and economic context under which private protected areas have developed and the relationship between private protected
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Bring on the rain!
Lot's of plantings happening across the Link at the moment. At Twin Creeks in Ranges Link they have scored the help of an energetic bunch of nine visiting Senior Scout Rovers, who spent the day planting Melaleuca seedlings into rip lines. The Friends of Porongurup have been fortunate to receive two grants, one from the ?Biodiversity Fund? through South Coast NRM plus a ?25 Years of Landcare Grant?.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
From the Pope
Some very welcome words on connectivity conservation tucked away in the latest Papal ENCYCLICAL LETTER ‘LAUDATO SI’ - ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME“35. In assessing the environmental impact of any project, concern is usually shown for its effects on soil, water and air, yet few careful studies are made of its impact on biodiversity, as if the loss of species or animals and plant groups were of little importance.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Vale Phillip Toyne
1947-2015Gondwana Link, and landcare across southern WA, has lost a long standing colleague in the death of Phil Toyne. We first brought Phil to the south coast early in 1989, in a visit hosted by then Minister for Agriculture Julian Grill. The Minister was supporting development of what became the National Landcare Program, and was keen to ensure that the dynamic growth of landcare in WA, and its ongoing needs,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Looking forward and looking back!
Over the past year a lot of work has been undertaken to collate key information on how the overall Gondwana Link effort has grown. Margaret Robertson (pictured) donated some months of her busy life to help us establish a history built around photos and short descriptions of key events from the past 14 or so years, with over 500 so far identified and at least partly recorded. Unfortunately, Margaret has
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Welcome to Bill and Jane Thompson
An exhilarating and important arrival today ? we welcome Bill and Jane Thompson who, after lots of phone calls and visits, have made the plunge and shifted from Queensland?s Glasshouse Mountains to their new property, Yarraweyah, 720 ha of great bush and a lot more paddock, all in a critically important part of the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area. This purchase consolidates the ?Monjebup cluster? of properties, which Bush Heritage is currently
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link moves to new office
The last of the team who have been working together from the Gondwana Link Office on Middleton Road, Albany, just before we go into separate offices and Gondwana Link Ltd sets up independently to focus more on the whole Link. From left it?s Barry Heydenrych (Greening Australia), Angela Sanders, Simon Smale (Bush Heritage), Keith Bradby (GLL), Eugene Eades (Gnarjl Corporation), Justin Jonson (Threshold Environmental), Amanda Keesing (GLL).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Collaboration in action pays off!
These plantings on Eddy and Donna Wajon's Chingarrup Sanctuary, in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area, are but one result. The Wajon?s interest in supporting Gondwana Link was initially fostered by The Wilderness Society; the property was found and initially surveyed by Keith Bradby, the plantings were undertaken for Eddy and Donna by Greening Australia?s Jack Mercer, as part of their Reconnections program, funded by Shell. Bush Heritage Australia assist with ongoing
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Ranges Link group now has its foot firmly planted on the accelerator
Ongoing sponsorship from Mt. Barker Free Range Chicken, organised in conjunction with Landcare Australia Ltd, is adding significant horsepower. Here, Judy Hunt from Ranges Link and Mark Rintoul, General Manager for Milne Agri Group (owners of Mt Barker Free Range Chicken), proudly pose in front of another truckload of fencing material on its way to protect valuable habitats across the Link.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Waratah and Elders support fencing in Ranges Link
Ranges Link is doing a fine job of rounding up extra support for their program. Waratah fencing and Elders has been very supportive of the Ranges Link fencing program by helping to provide posts and wire, at a well reduced price. Here David Williamson, Chairperson Oyster Harbour Catchment Group on the left, with Heather Adams of Ranges Link, Tim Saggers, fencing contractor (crouching) celebrate the partnership with
Posted by: Keith Bradby
What a great couple of days
Gondwana Link’s Keith Bradby was a guest at two major lunches and launches, one in Melbourne and the next in Sydney, in which David Thomas announced the Thomas Foundation’s $10million challenge grant ‘to arrest the decline of biodiversity in Australia’. Arranged in conjunction with, and managed through, the Nature Conservancy Australia program, these funds will match dollar for dollar donations to three major programs in Australia, one of which is
Posted by: Keith Bradby
It really is beautiful country
One of the many uplifting photos taken by Barbara Madden in the Great Western Woodlands. Thanks Barb for allowing us to use these photos to promote the area!!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A major new organisation comes to Australia
Hank Cauley from Pew Charitable Trusts joined Michael Looker from The Nature Conservancy on a tour of Gondwana Link, starting with a quick visit to Albany and the work inland, before an in-depth visit through the Great Western Woodlands hosted by The Wilderness Society?s Simon Judd, Alexander Watson and David Mackenzie. The trip is part of discussions between TNC and Pew about Pew having a greater role in Australian
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Micheal Looker has new role in TNC
Congratulations to our friend and colleague Michael Looker, for his new role as Australia Program Director with The Nature Conservancy. Michael first met a number of us in central Queensland during 2001, at the Conservancy?s first workshop in Australia on Conservation Planning. Michael?s previous role was as CEO of Victoria?s Trust for Nature.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
TNC launches their Australia Country Program
Congratulations to our friends in The Nature Conservancy who have now TNC formally launched their Australia Country Program in Melbourne. The Nature Conservancy?s CEO, Steve McCormack (pictured), has formally launched their Australia Country program, with a major function in Melbourne. Greenings Rob Lambeck and Carl Binning attended and contributed to panel discussions, along with Bush Heritage?s Doug Humann. Steve expressed strong support for Gondwana Link, both for
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Dedication and generosity!
Renowned wildlife photographers Jiri and Marie Lochman are donating some weeks of their time to Bush Heritage by camping in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link and taking a wide array of photos on key properties. And a great opportunity for Amanda Keesing to catch up Marie and Jiri, who are old friends. Amanda and Keith Bradby showed the Lochman?s over a number of properties and helped them
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A ‘spaghetti western’ to be filmed in Gondwana Link?
No not really, but that’s one suggestion made for a property just secured in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link. After nearly 10 months of legal negotiation the National Trust’s Bush Bank Revolving Fund is now the proud part-owner of a property we’ve been calling ‘Cowboy Country’ for its spectacular red mesas and breakaway cliffs. The initial deal was struck last July, with Gondwana Link’s Keith Bradby and the National
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Re-inforcements in the form of Simon Judd!
We welcome the new ?WildCountry/Gondwana Link Conservation Science Council Co-ordinator?, Simon Judd into the program. Simon has just completed a PhD on the biogeography of south west Isopods (native slaters), which had a key focus on the bio-geographical relationships between wet country and dry country species, particularly those with an ancient (Gondwanan) lineage. Simon has a rich understanding of the ecological processes across the south-west, and always finds time
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The good work of Cary Nicholas continues
Today Greening Australia, Bush Heritage and The Wilderness Society met the core Gondwana Link team and with Cary and Olivia Millard from TNC, to start further development of a fundraising model and set of arrangements that would work across the groups.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Welcome Cary Nicholas
Drinks function to introduce Cary Nicholas of The Nature Conservancy (and daughter Maggie) to friends and colleagues in Albany. Cary is from TNC?s Philadelphia Chapter and will work with Gondwana Link for a seven week Fundraising Fellowship. Thanks TNC and welcome Cary.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Damn and blast!
The successful Mildura workshop is overshadowed by the news that Peg Olsen was leaving The Nature Conservancy. Peg has worked with us for over four years to establish Gondwana Link, providing much of the drive, vision, advice, resources and valued friendship. However, we?re glad that Qantas is losing its best customer, as no-one needs to cross the Pacific that frequently. Thank you Peg, without you the Gondwana
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Our own version of shock and awe!
For some time now our Nature Conservancy supporters have been quietly beavering away on a substantial funding boost, to enable us to proceed with confidence for the next few years. Today (somehow exactly coinciding with when American troops entered Baghdad) Keith Bradby and TNC?s Peg Olsen have signed the formal agreement for a $1million ?challenge grant?, to support work in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area and over the woodlands area
Posted by: Keith Bradby
And now we are two!
Recognising that the program workload has escalated rapidly since inception (a good sign!), funds have been found and a second person has joined the Gondwana Link co-ordination unit. Amanda Keesing started work with Keith today. Amanda is a microbiologist by training and for a number of years has been farming near Walpole. Amanda and her husband Craig have just moved to Albany for the secondary education of their
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The first property secured!
After a conversation with The Wilderness Society?s David Mackenzie about the new Gondwana Link program, Eddy and Donna Wajon made a number of visits from Perth and are now purchasing two conservation properties in Gondwana Link. Legal transfer of ownership on the first purchase was finalised today, making them the proud owners of a 570 ha property just east of Corackerup Creek, in our initial focus area between Stirling
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Great news from Minneapolis!
The Nature Conservancy Board of Directors has formally decided to establish its Australia Country Program, consolidating and continuing the good work of Peg Olsen and others. The decision was made at TNC?s ?Annual Conference and Global Leadership Summit?, and we were there for the occasion, along with representatives from a number of Gondwana Link lead groups. The trip provided significant opportunities for meeting potential donors, learning about how the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Hitting the ground!
A wide range of groups and individuals from across the core Gondwana Link areas met in Ongerup to develop specific initiatives. This was followed by a smaller tour to explore key conservation opportunities in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area. With us were Peg Olsen and Angus Parker from The Nature Conservancy, plus Greening Australia?s Carl Binning, Nathan McQuoid and Rob Lambeck, and The Wilderness Society?s David Mackenzie. Saw some
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Stretching our wings and getting ready to soar!
A large group of key originators and supporters for Gondwana Link gathered at the Fremantle home of Linda Siddall, Chair of The Wilderness Society WA, to the formal beginning of the Gondwana Link program. The tyranny of distance prevented some from getting there, but The Nature Conservancy, Bush Heritage, Greening Australia, The Wilderness Society and Edith Cowan University were well represented. It was an evening of really great fellowship,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Gondwana Link program is ready to roll
After a huge amount of talk, work and creative thinking by a significant array of people and organisations, funds are in place to employ Keith Bradby as Coordinator for the initial couple of years, and Australian Bush Heritage Fund, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park, Greening Australia, Malleefowl Preservation Group and The Wilderness Society are joining together in the adventure. We thank The Nature Conservancy
Posted by: Keith Bradby