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NZ Predator Free 2050 visit
Sharing experiences across the Tasman (and boasting a bit). Last week we had a very enjoyable and informative visit from Ed Chignell, CEO of the ambitious Predator Free 2050, a program working to transform wildlife across New Zealand by getting rid of feral predators. It was wonderful to talk with someone so visionary, to hear of other transformative NZ efforts such as their Billion Tree program, and to swap notes on how to provide effective support across numerous groups and individuals.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Healthy catchments mean healthy estuaries, which means you can start getting the oysters back.
Healthy catchments mean healthy estuaries, which means you can start getting the oysters back. If you are in or around Albany on the 18th of December this should be a great gathering to talk about the work underway to restore oysters to Oyster Harbour (which sounds like a logical place to do it).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
We're not ones for small talk, but its always good to share lessons learnt with good mates.
We're not ones for small talk, but its always good to share lessons learnt with good mates. So Gondwana Link CEO Keith Bradby ended up in Maleny, with our colleagues from Hinterland Bush Links, including the energetic Susie Duncan, swapping notes on what's different and whats the same between the Queensland rainforest and WA's kwongan, mallee and woodlands (hint; there's good people doing their best on both sides of Australia, but Maleny can have 3/4 metre of rain in a weekend - that weekend
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Introducing Associate Professor Eugene Eades
Ladies and gentlemen. We'd like to introduce Associate Professor Eugene Eades from Curtin University, pictured here with his colleague Professor Jill Downie, also from Curtin. Eugene's appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor was announced today, at Nowanup, by Professor Deborah Terry, Vice-Chancellor of Curtin, in a delightful ceremony which included the signing of a Statement of Intent between Curtin and Gondwana Link to establish the Nowanup Learning Centre (aka the Bush University).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A Hot Topic - prescribed burning.
A Hot Topic - prescribed burning. For those concerned with the linked issues of fire, ecological health and public safety, the Nornalup Residents and Ratepayers Association is organising a public debate and workshop on bushfire awareness to be held on 6 October from 10am to 2pm at the Nornalup Community Hall.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Awards for Curtin's Bush University Design competition have been awarded
What a great bunch of up and coming young 'uns. The Awards for Curtin's Bush University Design competition have been awarded, with the winning design was created by the SPH Architecture and Interiors team.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ngadju Jungkajunkga Day
It's on again! The Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation presents a fun filled cultural day in Norseman on 21 April 2018.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Birds of a feather?
Kevin Draper’s stunning ‘Steel Feather’ (for scale, find my hat) is one of my favourites in the current Porongurup Range ‘Art in the Park’ event. The scale of the feather seems to fit the grandeur of the birds – the Forest Red-tailed Cockatoo – especially in that magnificent setting.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
South Coast Festival of Birds
The South Coast Festival of Birds' events took place in February and March 2018. Activities included outings,library talks workshops, a photo and art exhibition, symposium, film nights, and more. This festival was organised by Green Skills and BirdLife Western Australia, with support by Lotterywest and many local groups and organisations.
Posted by: Basil Schur
Big Day in Canberra's Botanic Gardens
The global face of Connectivity Conservation. As members of the World Commission on Protected Areas, Gondwana Link Chair Virginia Young and CEO Keith Bradby have attended a day long workshop at the Botanic Gardens in Canberra, to review a proposed set of international standards for Areas of Connectivity Conservation.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Celebrating the Fitzgerald Biosphere renomination
Yesterday was awesome. Along with 160 others, I attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Fitzgerald Biosphere and the successful renomination of this remarkable place into the global UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Focus on the Pallinup
Late notice but the ‘Focus On The Pallinup; Sheoaks, Pools and Floods’ morning hosted by Steve and Geraldine Janicke and North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Paddle with Wadandi traditional landowners
Well done Surfrider and Margaret River folk. As Zac Webb said “This land is for all of us,” he said. “The children, the women and the men. You are all custodians of this land and it’s up to us to pass on the significance and culture of our land for our next generation of leaders.”
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link Bird and Eco Tour
This is worth checking out the annual WA's South Coast Festival of Birds this March. Included is the all day Gondwana Link Bird & Eco tour on Wed 14th March and a Symposium at the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Connecting to Country at camps at Nowanup and Chingarrup
Over the January long weekend two camps were held at Nowanup and Chingarrup, inland from Bremer Bay east of Albany. Both are wonderful properties with extensive bush and re-vegetation areas forming part of Gondwana LInk ( GL) (gondwanalink.org)
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Discussion Time
Time to think harder about the long term ecological future of the southern forests - and Gondwana Link is exploring how it can help the groups already doing great work there. Looking forward to a discussion about this in Northcliffe on January 24th.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Walitj Meil Walk Trail Opening
"The Porongurup, which reads like a history book dating back many thousands of years, is a researcher’s dream." So, here's a good place to go for a walk through that history book - a critically important bit of wet forest right in the heart of Gondwana Link - the Porongurup Range National Park. That energetic and incredibly well organised bunch the Friends of the Porongurups have just opened their latest project, the Walitj Meil Walk Trail.
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Celebrating restoration success in the Fitz-Stirling region
So great to be out there celebrating the transformations from paddock to growing woodlands at Monjebup (Bush Heritage) and Yarraweyah (privately owned) properties. The whole mob were there hosted by Bush Heritage, welcomed by Eugene Eades and Elders, sponsors, supporters, Greening Australia, Green Skills, scientists, volunteers.... You name them they were there - more than 130 of them!! The Fitz-Stirling Link is a great showcase for the whole Link -
Posted by: Louise Duxbury
Campout at Bungalbin (Helena and Aurora Range)
Big gathering of good people at Bungalbin (Helena and Aurora Range), all determined to save this jewel from imminent mining. For more information on Bungalbin here.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
2016 WA Scientist of the Year
Congratulations to Kingsley Dixon for being named WA's Scientist of the Year. Incredibly well deserved. We have had the pleasure of working with Kingsley over many years. Amongst his many significant roles and achievements, Kingsley is Curtin Professor at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the foundation Chair of the Society for Ecological Restoration Australia, and one of the modern botanical pioneers who have elevated our knowledge of south-western Australia so
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Release of the 'Birds of the Great Western Woodlands' report by BirdLife Australia and The Nature Conservancy
Late May 2016 saw bird enthusiasts and others come together at the University Club, University of Western Australia, to celebrate the release of the 'Birds of the Great Western Woodlands' report by BirdLife Australia and The Nature Conservancy.Although the Great Western Woodlands (GWW) covers 16 million hectares little was known about the region’s birds. In 2011 BirdLife and TNC established a project to address this knowledge gap. Over the next
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
What difference do tracks make?
Many thanks Keren Raiter for making time during your Easter break to give Albany folks a rerun of your final PhD presentation on the enigmatic effects of linear infrastructure on the Great Western Woodlands. Through your work you estimated that there are 150,000 km of roads/tracks in the Great Western Woodlands with 74% of these unmapped. Impressive work to quantify linear disturbance and the effects it is having. 
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Celebrating in style!
Cape to Cape Catchments Group have just had their annual celebration and supporters night, and what a great night it was. Spectacular surroundings, hospitality and wine for all the guests - courtesy of Voyager Estate - plus inspiring stories and distinguished company. WA Minister for Regional Development, pictured here between Capes Deputy Chair Stuart Hicks and Chair Boyd Wykes, gave a great talk (and a short one, well done Terry!)
Posted by: Keith Bradby
'Invisible Country' book launch in Margaret River.
For those who can't make the Albany launch of Bill's book, down in Great Southern wine country, here's an opportunity in Margaret River wine country.Margaret River BookShop will celebrate the release of author and Radio National broadcaster, Bill Bunbury's Invisible Country, South-West Australia: Understanding a Landscape at 6.15pm Thursday 21st January in great style with Dr. Carmen Lawrence, Chair Australian Heritage Council, doing the honours.Award winning, local organic Peacetree Estate
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘Invisible Country’ - Bill Bunbury’s new book on south-western Australia
‘Invisible Country’ - Bill Bunbury’s new book on south-western Australia, was released last week by UWA Press, and it’s a ripper. To quote the blurb ‘Invisible Country is a reminder that the land owns people, not the other way around, and marks the beginning of a conversation about understanding and care for a land we are all lucky to live in’. Buy the book now, and spend your Xmas with
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A Restoration Dialogue
This week Gondwana Link was represented in a major forum of restoration researchers, practitioners, lawyers and students. Held in Hobart, and hosted by University of Tasmania, the forum was two days of presentation, review, structured discussion and reflection on what we’ve all learned about restoration and the emerging challenges.The programs reviewed were as diverse as remediating polluted sites in Antarctica, restoring kelp forests, the legal interplay across farming landscapes and
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Margaret River BioBlitz
 Any G Linkers in the Capes area this weekend should head to this. Fun and learning!https://www.facebook.com/584990874876000/photos/a.587806467927774.1073741830.584990874876000/975841059124311/?type=3&theater
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand’s (EIANZ) annual conference
Challenging the Status Quo - what, us? Gondwana Link’s Keith Bradby spoke in Perth on Friday at the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand’s (EIANZ) annual conference, which was indeed themed ‘Challenging the Status Quo’. Keith told the Gondwana Link story while speaking to the topic “Defiantly Ambitious: is that the best way forward” and, unsurprisingly, came to the conclusion that it was, given the global importance of WA’s
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Phoenix Risen!
Congratulations to our friends and colleagues in Denmark on the opening of their brand new, very swish and super sustainable new Environment Centre building. A big step forward and up from that horrible night six years ago when the old building burnt down. Really well done! And check the smile on Louise Duxbury?s face as she accepts the key to the spacious new office space that our member group Green
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Balijup Sanctuary tour
Fences are up, citizen science training is underway, the ferals have been removed – now for the party! Balijup Sanctuary, Friday 22nd May at 2pm. Anyone who can get there is invited to the official Launch of Balijup Sanctuary - 707 Nunijup Road (7km south west of Tenterden off the Albany Highway). Your chance for a tour of the Sanctuary, talks and afternoon tea back at the homestead (aka Field
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link Ride
Green Skill's unstoppable Basil Schur has just pioneered the first stage of a three part Gondwana Link Ride, doing the section from the Indian Ocean near Margaret River to Denmark in an enjoyable five days. Basil is keen to make these rides a group event, and a fundraiser for Gondwana Link projects. So who among you is going to join him in that???
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Kwongan Foundation tours Fitz-Stirling
Today Gondwana Link?s Amanda Keesing took some key visitors into the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link. The group included University of WA Professor, and key driver of the Kwongan Foundation, Hans Lambers, along with Dr Marion Cambridge and Geoff Bastyan, sea grass experts who can tell an amazing story of successful restoration in Albany?s harbours. First stop was Chingarrup Sanctuary, where Birdlife Australia?s Nick Dunlop was busy with bird surveys
Posted by: Keith Bradby
What’s Happening-2014 Gondwana Link forum
Not the whole mob by a long shot, but from amongst those I have the great pleasure of building the Gondwana Link with, here's the ones who could get to last week's 'What's Happening?' Forum. Quality people doing quality work!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Out amongst it
Gondwana Link?s Amanda Keesing and Board of Directors Chair Virginia Young recently travelled through some of the beautiful country of the Great Western Woodlands. Virginia was delighted to find a creek flowing into Lake Johnson (and how often does that happen?!). There is, apparently, no truth to the rumour that they nearly got bogged.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gathering footage to tell the story
Nature Conservancy videographer Jane Prince has been busy in central and eastern Gondwana Link, interviewing key drivers of the Ranges Link and Fitz-Stirling programs, and recording the work of the Hyden community, Birds Australia and the Ngadju Conservation Committee as part of the Link?s Great Western Woodlands effort.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Showcasing groups work
Together with a range of colleagues, we've had the pleasure of showing Bob Debus, a key architect of the National Wildlife Corridors Plan, and partner Leela Smith around some of the country we're working in. Here they are in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area with Bush Heritage's Simon Smale and David Whitelaw, along with Lien Imbrechts and Justin Jonson from Threshold Environmental. Highlights of the trip included a well attended reception
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Kalgoorlie Museum features GWW
Great Day at the Kalgoorlie Museum, which has opened a revamped set of displays, including on the Great Western Woodlands area. Here WA Museum CEO Alec Coles, Minister for Culture and the Arts John Day, Kalgoorlie Museum Director Zoe Scott and Gondwana Link’s Great Western Woodland’s Program Manager Peter Price. Location of the display had special significance for Peter, as it sits in the old Poppet Head of the Big
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link groups get together
A major gathering at the Denmark Sustainability Centre of lead groups involved in Gondwana Link - the first time we have all been together! Great ‘show and tell’ of efforts underway across the whole 1000 kms, and lots of joint planning and plotting. To quote Margaret Moir from Cape to Capes ‘I thought I was coming to a meeting of strangers, instead I found I was part of a big
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network tour
A great five days showing some of the highlights of Gondwana Link to guests from the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network. The visit included an afternoon on the Nowanup property and two nights camping in the Great Western Woodlands. Their visit, interest and ongoing support are greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A flying visit
An important visit from The Nature Conservancy's Corporate Conservation Council, pictured here on the Honman Ridge on a bleak autumn day. The Chair and Directors of some of Australia's leading companies were able to see the on- ground work in the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area, the vastness of the Great Western Woodlands and the delights of Margaret River, all in one day (it helps to bring your own planes) It was
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A long way from THE Mediterannean, but still mediterannean?
The Nature Conservancy?s Mediterranean Science team visited Gondwana Link this week, and we took them on a quick trip along the Link from Albany to Kalgoorlie. California based Scott Morrison, Rebecca Shaw and Steve Johnson were joined by Australian Program staff from the Conservancy?s Melbourne office, Barry McDonald and Kerrie Wilson. We plunged them into the landscape at Mt Trio in the Stirling Ranges and saw whole paddocks being returned
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Yarrabee Wesfarmers Reserve launch, central Gondwana Link
Over 150 of us had a great day giving the Yarrabee property a good welcome into Gondwana Link, and celebrating the growth in the larger Fitz-Stirling program. The property, now known as Yarrabee Wesfarmers Reserve, is a vital connector in the chain of properties stretching from the Stirlings towards Fitzgerald River National Park. Bush Heritage, Greening Australia and Wesfarmers are to be congratulated on this outstanding acquisition. A
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Nature Conservancy visit
Great visit by The Nature Conservancy's CEO Steve McCormick with Asia Pacific program Director Russell Leaman and Australia Program Director Michael Looker. Gondwana Link's Keith Bradby accompanied them on the trip, which started with a flight into the heart of the Great Western Woodlands and included a celebration cheque handover on the Link?s Nowanup property with Eugene and Aden Eades and Bush Heritage's Angela Sanders. Funds were raised as
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Dinner under a whale?
A gala event in New York has launched a major new partnership. But before the event Nature Conservancy Australia Program Director Michael Looker had to give Gondwana Link Coordinator Keith Bradby some tie tying tips. Ties in place they then headed off to the New York Museum of Natural History for a ‘G’day USA’ fundraising dinner, where The Nature Conservancy and Pew Charitable Trusts jointly announced a $12 million ‘Wild
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Launch of Knowledge Connections program
Launch of Knowledge Connections at Albany Museum by Robert Lambeck, CEO Greening Australia WA, and Lloyd Stewart, Lotterywest. Lotterywest have made a significant contribution to conservation planning in the Fitz-Stirling section, with $400,000 to Bush Heritage and Greening Australia for a joint ?Knowledge Connection? program to underpin the initial Conservation Action Plan with improved science and the tools needed for monitoring progress and managing key issues. A big
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The 2006 Great Walk
The 2006 Great Walk tackled the gap between the Stirling Ranges and the Walpole Wilderness Area, camping along the way. Gondwana Link enthusiast and Great Walk Network organiser Basil Schur w took the walking group through a number of key sites for Gondwana Link?s emerging 'Forest to Stirlings' program. Keith Bradby (and his little helper, Mr Wrigglebum) caught up with them and talked about how the broader Link
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Wesfarmers in the Fitz-Stirling!
The planting work on Yarrabee got a lot of helpers this week when Wesfarmers brought down a busload of key corporate staff, including CEO Richard Goyder and Corporate Affairs Manager Keith Kessell. The conditions were perfect to give our visitors the full planting experience ? freezing cold and relentlessly windy. Nonetheless, nearly 10 000 seedlings went in, and staff saw other restoration work underway, including the direct seeding machinery
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Thomas Foundation visit Gondwana Link
A visit from David Thomas and his colleagues in the Thomas Foundation, along with Kent Wommack and Michael Looker from The Nature Conservancy. Great to be able to show off work in Gondwana Link to some of our wonderful supporters, against the beautiful back-drop of the Stirling Ranges. The Foundation was on a flying trip (literally) around Australia, from its home base in Queensland, to visit a number of programs
Posted by: Keith Bradby
New supporters tour the Fitz-Stirling area
Birute Greenhalgh from Greening Australia and Kate Fitzherbert from Bush Heritage have led a tour of supporters across the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link. Here they are looking at revegetation on the Chereninup Creek Reserve.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Supporters visit the Fitz-Stirling area
A tour of supporters visited the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link today, as part of Gondwana Link Great Southern Ark Tour led by Birute Greenhalgh from Greening Australia. Nowanup and the Indigenous program running there, was one of the many highlights.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
How to conserve the amazing botanical richness across Gondwana Link.
That was the main topic of conversation during this visit of eminent scientists. Pictured here, sheltering from the elements in Wajon?s shed at Chingarrup Sanctuary, are Steve Hopper, UWA?s Professor of Plant Conservation Biology , Guy Groenewegen (Kings Park volunteer), Chris Robinson from Greening Australia, Luke Sweedman from Kings Park, Dr Lyndon Lee, a hydrogeomorphologist from Seattle, Mrs and Dr Robin Probert (Head of Seed Technology, Millennium Seed Bank,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Two visits in one car!
A busy day out in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link with Tim Beatley, Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities at the University of Virginia, and Angie Sosdian, from The Nature Conservancy head office in Arlington. Both here for different reasons, but a very enjoyable and compatible pair to explore the bush with and show off the latest work. Tim is writing a book on environmental planning ?down under?,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Hotspot project with the MIX artists
Proud to support some stirring of the creative juices, in the Hotspot Symposium organised by the Albany-based group MIX Artists. The event was part of the Hotspot cultural project in which artists and others are focussing on the environment and history of the Great Southern region through community projects and preparations for an exhibition in early 2006. Speakers, including Paula Deegan, Ross Williams, Harley Coyne and Ian Weir,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Major joint fund-raising program launched!
Today saw the launch in Perth the of Great Southern Arc campaign, a joint effort by Bush Heritage Australia and Greening Australia to raise the considerable funds needed to secure and restore key properties in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link. The joint campaign has been developed with strong support from The Nature Conservancy, including through the two fellowship staff, Jane Howard and Cary Nicholas, they made available.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘Great Walk Through Gondwana Link’ exhibition
A good crowd for the opening of the ?Great Walk Through Gondwana Link? exhibition at the Albany Public Library, featuring photographs and artworks from the October 2004 Great Walk between the Fitzgerald River and Stirling Range National Parks.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Restoration Not Revegetation?
There is a big difference between the two, and to achieve Gondwana Link we have to aim for ecologically effective restoration rather than just tree planting. So, to help move our thinking along, we asked a bundle of experts to join us at Albany's Camp Quaranup to wrestle with the issue for a day. Fauna consultant Jan Henry said common sense is needed and when you?re looking for
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Exhibition showcases UWA students work on Gondwana Link
?Read all about it!? The University of Western Australia?s Cullity Gallery is filled with fantastic posters, all part of the UWA Landscape Architecture students final exhibition from their Gondwana Link Rural Studio unit. Posters and more were used to illustrate the students? exploration and portrayal of Gondwana Link.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Not just a good walk, a Great Walk!
Over 10 days in October 2004, 60 Great Walk participants covered the full 72 kilometre gap between Fitzgerald River and Stirling Range National Parks. As well as wonderful spring weather and wildflowers, walkers were treated to guest speakers such as DEC’s Mal Grant, land for Wildlife’s Avril Baxter, Greening’s Nathan McQuoid, local farmer Penny Moir and Keith Bradby. Well done to Basil Schur, who co-ordinated the event for the Great
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link at the King’s Park Wildflower Festival
The UWA Landscape Architecture students who attended a field workshop in Fitz-Stirling during August have now designed, constructed and staffed a large display on Gondwana Link at the King?s Park Wildflower Festival in late September. As Professor Grant Revell explains in UWA newsletter: ?They designed and presented an exhibit made up of the name tags of 2,565 known plant species growing in the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River national parks.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
“Reconnections” program up and running
A new program not only launched but well afloat. The WA Minister for the Environment, Hon. Dr Judy Edwards today launched the “Reconnections” project, a three year partnership between Greening Australia and Shell Development Australia. Reconnections Project Manager, Barry Heydenrych describes this project as contributing to and supporting Greening Australia’s work as a major partner in Gondwana Link. Its focus is the Corackerup and Bremer Valleys, which lie in the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Visit to the Twin Creeks
Visit to the Twin Creeks property north of the Porongurups to share experiences in managing bushland. Keith Bradby, Greening?s Rebecca Millar and Margi Weir and Bush Heritage?s Stuart Cowell explored possible future links with Friends of the Porongurups Peter Luscombe, Lucia Quearry and Garry Mulder.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Day 2-Tour 2.
With the Wild Country Science Council still in the area, the Australian Landcare Council are also touring the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area. Lunch was on the Cowboy Country property, giving us a good opportunity to promote the need to consider ecological and agricultural restructuring of marginal farming areas. The Cowboy block proved a perfect venue for this discussion. The ALC and the Wild Country Science Council had lunch together and were
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Swamped by good science!
The WildCountry Science Council has just completed a tour of the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area, which provided an excellent cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge. The visit included a low-level fly over of key properties, which included Henry Nix spotting this malleefowl nest from the air, and nearly killing himself (literally) falling off a dam bank as he narrowed the search on the ground (did we know the nest was there
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Visitors from New England
We were delighted to be visited by Board members from the Maine Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. The Conservancy supports conservation in 35 countries across the world, and this visit was part of a program to build stronger ties between US based programs and the work underway in Australia. Bush Heritage has a strong relationship with the Maine Chapter, having had their state Director Kent Wommack in Australia on a
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Three cheers for Twin Creeks Reserve
Another Conservation effort makes its mark. Today saw the launch by Federal MP Sharman Stone of the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve just north of the Porongurups. The Friends of the Porongorups, with help from the National Reserve System, has raised an impressive amount of money to purchase this important 500ha property.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Launch of Chereninup Creek Reserve
Donors and supporters gather. The launch of Bush Heritage Australia?s Chereninup Creek Reserve was a grand event, with over 100 donors and supporters coming from near and far. Bush Heritage CEO Doug Humann gave a rousing presentation on the importance of Bush Heritage's first acquisition in the Gondwana Link program, before visitors toured the property, including the extensive planting work undertaken by Greening Australia and a large group of
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Another property secured!
Bush Heritage finalised the legal transfer of ownership on its Chereninup Creek reserve today. It?s impressive to see their legal machinery in action, and the effort that keeps on going until the last signature is done and the last detail finalised. Congratulations!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
We’re at the movies.
A screening at Cinema Paradiso in Perth of the documentary ?A Million Acres a Year? was a sell-out, with over 240 attending. Keith Bradby and Frank Rijavec, who produced the documentary, spoke to the crowd about the process of developing the concept and getting it to the screen, while Greening?s Rob Lambeck and The Wilderness Society?s David Mackenzie spoke about Gondwana Link.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Eyes wide open!
Gorepani Gallery near Albany launched an exhibition of installations by a number of noted artists. The launch was timed to coincide with and celebrate the national screening by SBS TV of the documentary “A Million Acres a Year”, co-written and narrated by Gondwana Link Coordinator Keith Bradby, and produced by Albany’s Frank Rijavec. The exhibition’s theme honoured the way the ‘heroes’ featured in the documentary were quick to see and
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A Gondwana Link Council
All six founder groups were able to meet in Perth today ? Australian Bush Heritage Fund, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of Fitzgerald River Park, Greening Australia, Malleefowl Preservation Group and The Wilderness Society. Key operational matters were chewed through, as much is already happening, and we discussed formalising the arrangement between groups, with a clear decision to continue as a broad collaboration with legal structures while we build the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Focus on continental scale processes
Keith represented Gondwana Link at The Wilderness Society?s Wild Country Science Council meeting in Canberra. The Council is an eminent group of ecologists who share our concerns that it is past time we had some focus on continental scale processes. It is wonderful to be working in step with such an eminent group of scientists, and we were very encouraged by an earlier conversation with Prof. Harry Recher (not in
Posted by: Keith Bradby