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Testing Restoration Tourism
A great day out piloting a new approach to attracting visitors and showcasing some of the magnificent biological richness and impressive work across Gondwana Link. A farm being restored to greater productivity and biodiversity, Noongar culture finding its own space and support to help its own people, and some very impressive results from managing, restoring and scientifically documenting a key part of the Link. We have been working with Friendship Force to test 'restoration tourism' and it is
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Cape to Cape Catchment Group seeks broader role
Congratulations to our friends and colleagues at Cape to Cape Catchments Group for a successful AGM and the addition of some wonderful new Board Members. One to keep an eye on, as they are assembling a fair bit of grunt and have some big plans. The Cape-to-Cape Catchments Group is intent on rebadging itself to make good on its position as the region's premier environmental defender. Full story at http://www.amrtimes.com.au/?33182796
Posted by: Keith Bradby
A freshwater gem in a naturally saline landscape
A lovely photo essay by our friends the Janickes featuring one of the, surprisingly, lesser known parts of the Great Western Woodlands. In its south-west corner (north east of Ravensthorpe) is some amazingly diverse bushland, and an important reminder that, even in the naturally saline landscapes of south-western Australia, freshwater and breeding frogs once featured in the waterways. This section of the Woodlands has the 'largely pristine' headwaters of three
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The world's vanishing wild places are vital for saving species
No, this article published in The Conversation isn't about Gondwana Link. Yes, the article below is about the most fundamental ecological objective of Gondwana Link - maintaining evolutionary processes for the long haul. It is not enough to save, for now, the last few of any of the multitude of rare species here. This article is about the critical need for abundance in nature. "We are not just losing wild
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link helping renew age-old relationship between Indigenous people and the land
Great story on the ABC from last Thursday's Bush Heritage Australia's event celebrating their involvement in Gondwana Link. Well done all.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Coolgardie kids write book on the Great Western Woodlands
Coolgardie kids get their book out on the Great Western Woodlands! Fantastic effort supported by key locals and driven along by Catrina and the Millenium Kids crew. Great to see.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Balijup: A Jewel in Gondwana Link
Balijup: A Jewel in Gondwana Link' is a great ~6 minute film on Balijup Farm available on YouTube. Balijup is a special property in Western Australia’s Great Southern region. Today it is a shining example of landcare. Settled by the Hordacre family in the 1920s, this unique farm comprises over 700 hectares of lakes, wetlands, bush and plantations, as well as 120 hectares of cropland. This film shows how community
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Bill and Jane Thompson's restoration work
The wonderful Bill and Jane Thompson have also just featured in a great story in the Albany Advertiser which notes that Carbon Neutral Fund executive director Ray Wilson said "the Thompsons and Albany planting contractor Justin Jonson [Threshold Environmental] had created the Fund’s most successful carbon farming project in Australia, in terms of the number of plant species."Here is the full story from https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/regional/great-southern/a/31843408/future-fa
Posted by: Amanda Keesing
Post-Mine restoration, the Gondwana Link, and SER Australasia – helping Australia transition towards a restoration culture.
An article by restoration ecologists James and Thibaud Aronson. Good reading, and with a wonderful quote from Paul Hawken 'If you look at the science that describes what is happening on earth today and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t have the correct data. If you meet people in this unnamed movement and aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a heart'.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Launch of ‘The Southwest – Australia’s biodiversity hotspot’
Keith Bradby and Vicki Laurie at Monday?s launch of Vicki?s wonderful new book ?The Southwest ? Australia?s biodiversity hotspot?. It was a great night, MC?d by the Kwongan Foundation?s Hans Lambers, and with the book formally launched by WA Environment Minister Albert Jacob (fresh back from a family holiday in the Stirling Ranges). A great crowd celebrated the book with Vicki, including Chingarrup Sanctuary?s Eddie Wajon, iNSiGHT Ornithology?s Simon Cherriman
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Word about our hotspot is hotting up!
UWA Press has just released Victoria Laurie’s wonderful book on the biodiversity hotspot that is south-western Australia. She writes wonderfully and warmly about the places we work for, and features more than a few of the people who are making Gondwana Link happen. Congratulations Vicki, been a delight to help this happen. (If your local bookshop isn’t stocking this book yet, they are missing sales (or you live in Alaska?).
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Red rocks helping men roll with the punches
Lovely story making some important connections in the Australian today. Journalist Victoria Laurie has picked up on some important points: ?Nowanup is a unique property, jointly run by Greening Australia, Gondwana Link and other environmental agencies as a base for revegetating native bush. But Nowanup has also become a place for spiritual reconnection with country. It offers a timely alternative to headline-grabbing calls by the state?s Police Commissioner
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Paddy Woodworth’s new book ‘Our Once and Future Planet
Restoring the World in the Climate Change Century’, which looks at the global ecological restoration movement, has just been launched in Dublin by the venerable Mary Robinson. Paddy has used his skills as a hard-nosed investigative journalist to dig deeper than most into the issues that confound us all. Gondwana Link gets his scrutiny in Chapter 9, but the issues we wrestle with are clearly there in many of the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The Big Garden?
Delightful segment on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia show this weekend, featuring work in the central zone of Gondwana Link. Bush Heritage’s Simon Smale and the Ranges Link’s Peter Luscombe joined with presenter Josh Byrne to broadcast a delightful vignette (despite what was obviosuly some lousy weather during filming). Click this link to the Gardening Australia website, where you can view Linking the Landscape segment.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Decision Point
Gondwana Link features in the September edition of Decision Point, the monthly magazine of the Environmental Decisions Group. The article by Kerrie Wilson and Hugh Possingham of University of Queensland is entitled 'Gondwana Link & decision theory: Reflecting on the fruits of collaborative research'. The researchers note that “We were humbled by the many on-ground complexities that presented themselves". Article available here.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Emus go global!
The Ecological Society of America has recently published a powerful bit of writing on emus, Barrier Fences and Lewis Machine Guns. Subscribers will find it here, the rest of us can download a version.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The spectacular wildflowers of the Great Western Woodlands
Looks like it?s going to be an early, strong flowering in the sandplains of the Great Western Woodlands, with many Verticordias and Grevilleas and this Eremophila already putting on a beautiful show. ?Landscope? (Spring 2012, Vol. 28 (1)) has a good article by botanist Andrew Brown about ?The spectacular wildflowers of the Great Western Woodlands?. If you?re thinking of a spring drive through the GWW, you?ll find Andrew?s
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Monjebup Reserve restoration up in lights
What a thrill to open ‘The West Australian’ and find a prominent story about Bush Heritage's ecological restoration of a critical bit of farm land in the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area. The purchase and replanting of this property, exciting in its own right, connects a number of key Bush Heritage acquisitions, known collectively as Monjebup Reserve, with Corackerup Nature Reserve. It’s a big step forward for this section of Gondwana Link,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Well done Bill and Jane
Bill and Jane Thompson?s wonderful on-ground support for Gondwana Link received front page recognition in the 11 July 2013 edition of ?The Great Southern Weekender?. Their replanting of 100 ha of paddock back to bush is an inspiration to us all. Bill and Jane are aiming to put over 200 species into this planting, all selected from the 720 ha of natural bush they look after on their
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘Gondwana Link: 1000 kilometres of hope’
?Gondwana Link: 1000 kilometres of hope? is the title of a chapter in the new publication ?Linking Australia?s Landscapes: lessons and opportunities from large-scale conservation networks?. Keith Bradby writes ?The deliberate strategy of starting the program and building momentum through tangible achievement, rather than through developing an overall prioritised plan, has established Gondwana Link.? Also featured is a chapter by Angela Sanders, Bush Heritage Australia ecologist working in
Posted by: Keith Bradby
WA Barrier Fence
The State Government’s proposed WA Barrier Fence extension, from east of Ravensthorpe to Cape Arid, received front page coverage in The Australian’s ‘A Plus’ features section (11 April 2013). Gondwana Link’s Keith Bradby is quoted: “How can I work on a nationally recognised connectivity program and not get annoyed about a proposal to build a Berlin wall at right angles to it?”View the article.The Wilderness Society, Birdlife Australia, the Conservation
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘Innovation for 21st Century Conservation’ features Gondwana Link
Gondwana Link has contributed a chapter to ‘Innovation for 21st Century Conservation’, published by the Australian Committee for IUCN Inc. Keith Bradby’s chapter, entitled ‘Gondwana Link: process or plan, movement or organisation?’, includes the statement “We are not seeking to have control over other organisations, nor sit at the top of a hierarchy or pyramid-shaped power structure, nor claim to be a representative ‘umbrella’ organisation. We are
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Launch of Millennium Kids book ‘Project Explore’
Great launch at the University of WA of the Millennium Kids book for their ?PROJECT EXPLORE? program in the Great Western Woodlands. The book showcases all the programs to date, and how clever these guys are at getting very flash materials produced fast. The book was launched by Environment Minister Bill Marmion, following some inspiring words by WA Chief Scientist Lynn Beazley. Project Explore is a
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Pillar of Wisdom
Good to see Eugene Eades's work with Noongar youngsters at Nowanup, and the pairing of this work with Gondwana Link, feature in the Weekend Australian Magazine.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Gondwana Link filling the gaps
An appropriately warm story on Gondwana Link work in the Travel section of The Australian newspaper. Thanks Virginia!
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘The Extraordinary Nature of the Great Western Woodlands’ is released
The Great Western Woodlands goes ‘Live’ (very live in fact). The Wilderness Society, in conjunction with Pew Environmental, The Nature Conservancy and supported by us at Gondwana Link, have launched the very significant report - ‘The Extraordinary Nature of the Great Western Woodlands’. It was a delightful morning at Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park with over 100 invited guests, including a strong contingent from the Ngadju Community, Parliamentarians, Departmental
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Story on The Science Show
Another helpful story on The Science Show … “The south west of Western Australia is one of the world's 25 biodiversity hotspots. But it's under threat. Alexandra de Blas speaks to scientists working to save and protect the endangered plants and animals.” Interviewees are Dr Kinglsey Dixon, Kings Park and Botanic Garden; Keith Bradby, Gondwana Link; Professor Brendan Mackey, Australian National University; Eugene Eades, Noongar Traditional Owner; Justin Jonson, Greening
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Bush Heritage’s Spring 2006 newsletter
Bush Heritage’s Spring 2006 newsletter features Bush Heritage Conservation Programs Manager Stuart Cowell’s neat summary of Gondwana Link’s progress to date: “So far, so good! Together, Bush Heritage and its supporters, and Greening Australia WA, have purchased 5353 hectares, and by the end of this planting season will have regenerated 1158 hectares of this overall area.” The properties secured to date (Chereninup Creek Monjebup, Yarrabee and Nowanup along with the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The wet desert?
Given our normally fine weather, what could bring on a week of rain and windstorms? How about a visit from desert specialists? This week we have had the entire film and production crew from the long running documentary Desert Speaks (there’s four in the team, and they have put out the impressive tally of 13 half hour episodes a year for the past 12 years). On the basis that they
Posted by: Keith Bradby
TNC Launch hits the airwaves
Good coverage of the TNC launch, including some mention of Gondwana Link, on ABC Radio National ?Earthbeat? show. Presenter Alexandra de Blas interviewed the new Australia Country Program Director Michael Looker (pictured) and Global CEO Steve McCormack. As the ABC puts it: ?Australia is one of the most biodiverse regions on earth and its unique natural heritage can't be protected without increasing the number of private reserves. America's premier
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ecological Society goes Wild
The Ecological Society of Australia conference in Armidale (NSW) features a seminar on large-scale conservation and connectivity hosted by The Wild Country Science Council hosted. A paper on Gondwana Link was presented by Professor Richard Hobbs from Murdoch University. Following this there was an excellent outline of WildCountry, including Gondwana Link, on ABC Radio National’s Earthbeat: WildCountry: A Plan to Rewild Australia.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
ABC TV’s ‘Landline’ features Chereninup Creek Reserve
National TV coverage for Chereninup Launch. ABC TV’s ‘Landline’ program features the launch of the Link’s Chereninup Creek Reserve: http://www.abc.net.au/landline/stories/s957764.htm.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
‘Gondwana Links in WA’s Biodiversity Hotspot’ hits the airwaves
ABC Radio National’s ‘Earthbeat’ show presents a special segment on our work, which includes a great interview with Eddie Wajon (during his 50 Birthday party!) on the myriad orchids being found on his property at Mondurup View, west of the Stirlings. ABC’s presenter Alexander de Blas has done a great job presenting ‘Earthbeat's magical mystery tour of some of the most spectacular flora on Earth.’ Click here to view the
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Great story on private conservation investors
Great Gondwana Link story in The Australian newspaper, 5 March 2003.It's exciting to be featured there with Gondwana Link conservation investor Eddy Wajon, who will hopefully be the first of many. Eddy and wife Donna have purchased two critical properties in our proposed linkage zone, one east of the Stirling Ranges, and one to the west.
Posted by: Keith Bradby