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Pass the jam please
Scones and Cream based Conservation Action Planning continues. We?re now into the ?next final? stage of helping groups revise the wording and content of plans across the Link. Amanda Keesing and Paula Deegan have developed some standard terminology which ensures groups are talking in the same language.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Another day, another planning session?
Bit more than that this time actually. This group of stalwarts have just spent two days reviewing and revising the long standing ?Functional Landscape Plan? for Gondwana Links Fitz-Stirling section. The plan was first developed in 2004, revised a number of times since, and has guided many millions of dollars worth of land purchase, restoration and management. Six groups involved in this session, and they were still game
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Finalising the Ngadju Conservation Action Plan
Big progress being made by Ngadju Conservation. This week saw a two day workshop to finalise their Conservation Action Plan, which covers the Ngadju Native Title area in the Great Western Woodlands. Gondwana Link?s Plan Facilitator Paula Deegan worked through and confirmed key decisions in the draft Plan with the group, and got additional direction on changes to be made before the Plan is finalised. Then it was
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Ranges Link in north Queensland
With much appreciated support from The Nature Conservancy, Mark Waud was able to join a training course for Conservation Coaches outside Cairns. Mark was introduced to Open Standards and CAP through his work as Co-ordinator with the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, and has been involved in development of Conservation Action Plans the Ranges Link and Stirlings to Many Peaks sections of Gondwana Link. Always quick on the uptake, he now
Posted by: Keith Bradby
'Granite & Woodlands Conservation Plan'
The latest Conservation Action Plan within Gondwana Link is now done (at least until we revise it!). The 'Granite & Woodlands Conservation Plan' covers 1.2 million ha of the Great Western Woodlands. The Plan took an important step forward this week when Shire of Kondinin representatives on the planning team met in Hyden with the Ngadju Conservation Group spokesperson, Les Schultz and Gondwana Link?s Paula Deegan and Keith Bradby,
Posted by: Keith Bradby
This is the site for a flourishing habitat?
A gathering of the Ranges Link Conservation Action Planning team - Mark Ward, Barry Heydenrych, Judy Hunt, Heather Adams, Peter Luscombe, and Lucia Quearry - at a rock shelter near Lake Kayermindyip on another scouting trip looking at fencing and revegetation sites near the lake.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Forest to Stirlings planning well underway
Conservation Action Planning is well underway in the Forests to Stirling section of Gondwana Link. The program is led by Green Skills and the Gillamii Centre, with planning support provided by Gondwana Link through Greening Australia?s Barry Heydenrych.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Recipes for success
The Ranges Link team have a reputation for incorporating scones, jam and cream and great sandwiches into their planning workshops. But this is only one of their strategies for success, decades of knowledge, years of work and astute judgement calls have helped as well. The team is now implementing their Conservation Action Plan (CAP) through replanting, mapping particular vegetation systems to build their knowledge-base, strategic fencing that excludes
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Refining the plan for the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link
Another important couple of days revising and refining the Conservation Action Plan for the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link. A stellar team has assembled and been duly locked away for two days of attributes and stresses, not to mention sources of stress and strategic actions.
Posted by: Keith Bradby
An agreed plan for a Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link
We have a well thought-out, detailed plan. After a second workshop we now have a plan agreed across key groups for the Fitz-Stirling program. We?re calling it the ?Functional Landscape Plan? to underline the focus on achieving overall ecological function, not just some small scale works or single species actions. The second workshop delivered an Excel ?CAP? Spreadsheet and a subsequent week of work by Keith Bradby and
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Work starts on the Fitz-Stirling Plan!
With the experience now under our belt we tackle pulling together a ?credible first iteration? plan for the Link?s Fitz-Stirling area. The group pictured has just spent three days crowded into the Albany office threshing through the targets, attributes, sources of stress and other key categories of the Conservation Action Planning tool Greg Low has been teaching us. Significant progress made, to the extent that we think another such
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Conservation Action Planning workshop series
Another big week in Albany and beyond, with Gondwana Link hosting the third ?Efroymson Fellowship Program - Australian Facilitators Workshop?, funded as part of The Nature Conservancy?s global program to support groups meet their strategic, ecologically-based planning needs. The workshop was led by TNC?s Conservation Action Planning guru Greg Low and supported by its Australia Program Director Kent Wommack. Attendees included our colleagues from Trust for Nature in Victoria
Posted by: Keith Bradby
Conservation Planning training workshop
We lured The Nature Conservancy?s Site Conservation Planning guru Greg Low westward to share his experience in Western Australia. After a series of meetings and workshops in Perth, Greg was good enough to lead a Site Conservation Planning training workshop in Albany. And then we took him bush, into the Fitzgerald park where the combination of Royal Hakeas and the remains of No 2 Rabbit Proof Fence led to
Posted by: Keith Bradby
The all Australia collective effort!
A number of Gondwana Link associates were able to attend The Nature Conservancy?s second Conservation Planning Efromyson workshop in Australia, led by the guru himself, TNC?s Greg Low. An excellent opportunity, not just for skill development, but also to meet and swap notes with like-minded colleagues from across Australia. The week at Mildura included experience of an (unscheduled) major dust storm and concluded with a trip to Neds Corner station
Posted by: Keith Bradby