Gondwana Link

Noongar Elders visit the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 30/09/2005

Noongar Elders at Nowanup. Photo courtesy Gondwana Link

An important and memorable day with Noongar Elders in the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area. We shared our stories and explored how the Gondwana Link program can better support the aspirations and needs of the Noongar communities of the region. One highlight was a visit to the Link’s Nowanup property, which is being made available to the Noongar community for ongoing use. Another was the many stories shared along the way – what could have been a long and tiring drive became an exciting journey through a landscape alive with stories and memories. Pictured are Eugene Eades, Eliza Woods, Auntie Alma Woods, Aden Eades, David Guilfoyle, Bill Woods and Bill Woods senior.

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