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Wesfarmers in the Fitz-Stirling!

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 25/07/2006

Wesfarmers staff ‘unveil the sign at the gate of Yarrabee Wesfarmers Reserve - Photo Amanda Keesing.

The planting work on Yarrabee got a lot of helpers this week when Wesfarmers brought down a busload of key corporate staff, including CEO Richard Goyder and Corporate Affairs Manager Keith Kessell. The conditions were perfect to give our visitors the full planting experience – freezing cold and relentlessly windy. Nonetheless, nearly 10 000 seedlings went in, and staff saw other restoration work underway, including the direct seeding machinery hard at it. Replanting of the 600 cleared hectares on Yarrabee is in full swing, made possible through Wesfarmers initial contribution to enable land purchase, and Commonwealth Government funding through South Coast NRM for the planting work. Yarrabee is jointly owned by Greening Australia and Bush Heritage Australia, and is a critical property adjoining Stirling Range National Park. This is where the completed Link will eventually connect with the park.

Dual direct seeding. Photo Amanda Keesing.
Robert Lamback, Roewen Wishart, Keith Kessell and Richard Goyder planting at Yarrabee. Photo Amanda Keesing.
Wesfarmers staff tree planting. Photo Amanda Keesing.
Photo Amanda Keesing.

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