Gondwana Link

The 2006 Great Walk

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 07/10/2006

Keith Bradby with young son Jack discuss the nature of the region with the Great Walk Network. Photo Basil Schur.

The 2006 Great Walk tackled the gap between the Stirling Ranges and the Walpole Wilderness Area, camping along the way. Gondwana Link enthusiast and Great Walk Network organiser Basil Schur w took the walking group through a number of key sites for Gondwana Link’s emerging 'Forest to Stirlings' program. Keith Bradby (and his little helper, Mr Wrigglebum) caught up with them and talked about how the broader Link is being built. The walkers finished their journey at the delightful Blue Lake in Mt Lindesay National Park. View more photos and information about this and other Great Walk Network trips through Gondwana Link at http://www.greatwalknetwork.org/home/walking-the-gondwana-link

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