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Fungi richness

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 26/06/2007

Katrina Syme fungi hunting at Chereninup Creek Reserve. Photo Amanda Keesing

A few good rains gets the fungi going, and mycologist Katie Syme. Katie has recently completed a fungi and truffle hunt on Bush Heritage’s Chereninup Creek Reserve. Here is a selection of the wonderful specimens she found.

Just as the work of earlier botanists has opened our eyes to the exceptional richness of south-western Australia, so Katie’s work is uncovering a significant unrealised dimension to that richness – the decomposers that seem to sit somewhere between the plant and animal kingdoms. Katie’s words from this 2004 interview give a glimpse into the excitement of the work underway: “The thrill of the hunt! I just grab my bucket, my waxed lunch wrap, some plastic containers, and my trusty truffle rake, and off I go and collect a few species … I’ve made 1302 fully documented collections so far. Anybody who looks for fungi in Australia would have found new species – can’t help it because so little is known about them, so I find that really exciting. I can just open my front door, walk down the road, find a new species of fungi, come back and have a cup of tea.

Peziza found at Mt Magog in the Stirling Range. Photo Katrina Syme
Agaricus. Photo Katrina Syme
Tremella mesenterica. Photo Katrina Syme
Chlorociboria subaeruginosa KS1921. Photo Katrina Syme
Cortinarius from White Gum Flats. Photo Katrina Syme

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