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Carbon sequestration planting at Peniup

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 19/07/2008

Justin Jonson and Sam Crowder seeding on Peniup. Photo Danny ten Seldam.

Justin Jonson and Sam Crowder checking seed at the carbon sequestration planting on Greening Australia’s Peniup property in the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area. This planting got a good burst of prior planning, designed to demonstrate how ‘revegetation’ can be done as science-based ‘ecological restoration’. Planting was also the first carbon funded effort, by arrangement between Greening Australia and Mirabella Lightbulbs. At 250ha it’s ambitious, and it’s always a bit nerve racking when the money has been spent, the seed spread and nothing’s growing – yet. Stay tuned.

Justin Jonson and Sam Crowder check seed output before they really get going. Photo Danny ten Seldam.

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