Gondwana Link

A week on the road

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 20/08/2015

Justin Jonson and James Aronson talk restoration. Photo Keith Bradby.

A week on the road across the Link with noted restoration ecologist James Aronson and son Thibaud. A chance for Justin Jonson (pictured with James) to guide them across farmland restoration in the Fitz-Stirling and Ravensthorpe sections of the Link, then off to Norseman to spend time in the woodlands with our Ngadju colleagues. We were impressed with James and Thibaud, and they were impressed enough with the key Gondwana Linkers they met and the work they saw to start planning an ongoing collaboration. More details coming! Pictures also show Ravensthorpe’s Christine Rowe talking bush with Thibaud, and Keith Bradby, Thibaud and James with mine host in Norseman, Therese Wade at the Norseman’s Railway Motel (aka Enviro Centre).

Keith Bradby, Therese Wade, Thibaud and James Aronson at the Railway Hotel, Norseman.
Christine Rowe talking bush with Thibaud Aronson in Ravensthorpe. Photo Keith Bradby.

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