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A home near the Range!

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 01/09/2015

Cocky's fly by. Photo Raana Scott.

Cockatoos on the Ranges Link section will shortly have a better choice of accommodation, once these six new nesting hollows are installed. The artificial hollows are needed as the area supports lots of good feeding habitat, but many of the old trees with hollows have been cleared (and it could be a few centuries before recent plantings get big enough). These hollows were made by the Carnaby’s group at Moora, and very kindly donated (and delivered to Twin Creeks Community Conservation Reserve!) by Nathalie Casal, seen here unloading the new homes with Lucia Quearry from Friends of the Porongurups. There is a lot of discussion on at present on mystery of why Cockies settle down in one type of house rather than another, and these will be closely monitored to determine their use. They have a mesh climbing ladder inside and open top with chains attached to the outside so they can be attached to a tree or a metal pole.

Thanks Nathalie!!

Nathalie Casal and Lucea Quearry unloading cockatoo tubes. Photo Cate Tauss.
Cocky tubes Yes they are huge and very heavy. Photo Cate Tauss.

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