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Ngadju Conservation’s program support from Rangelands NRM

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 04/02/2014

Les Schultz, Ngadju Nation, and Peter Price, Gondwana Link check lakes near Norseman that will be part of a collaborative effort to preserve the region's Indigenous history. Photo Tara De Landgraff.

Gondwana Link has just announced its next program with Ngadju Conservation, with this stage funded through support from Rangelands NRM. As the ABC’s WA Country Hour reports, “A program aimed at conserving the traditional land management practices of the Ngadju people is underway near Norseman. The program is a collaboration between Rangelands Natural Resource Management, Gondwana Link and the local indigenous community.

The five year project will include fire mitigation, invasive species surveys and mallee fowl preservation in the Great Western Woodlands on the edge of the Nullarbor.”

Listen to Les Schultz and Peter Price interviewed on the ABC’s WA Country Hour.

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