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Fabulous sculpture awarded

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Published: 01/03/2016

David Handley, Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia and Ian McGill, Partner at Allens Linklaters with the Allens People’s Choice 2015 work.

Belated congratulations to Gondwana Link’s friend Kim Perrier, who recently won the ‘Allens Peoples Choice Award' at Bondi’s ‘Sculptures by the Sea’. Kim’s ‘Ashes to Ashes’ is a dead Marri stump, from a tree believed to be over 400 years old, with 65 faces - every face in a state of contentment or meditation. As one onlooker said "Everyone in the tree wants to be there". Seven cultural groups of people are represented. Aboriginal, Indian (India), Indonesian, North American Indian, Maori, African, Chinese.

Kim has been a great friend of the Noongar program at Nowanup in the Fitz-Stirling section of the Link, and has posted many videos and photos of the ongoing work there. He has also helped our Ngadju friends in the Great Western Woodlands (see some of the photos).

Well done Kim. See more at http://www.perrier.com.au/ashes-to-ashes.htm

The Allens People's Choice sculpture by Kim Perrier.
And the artist himself - Kim Perrier.

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