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Call for comment of Barrier Fence extension

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 23/06/2016

Historic photo of the massing of emus along the existing barrier fence. Photo Dept Agriculture

Oh dear! We do try and work to the positive, but . . . The WA Environmental Protection Authority have just called for comment (by 30 June) on whether to formally assess the WA Department of Agriculture's proposal to extend the current Barrier Fence (the 1902 Rabbit Proof Fence) for a further 660kms, so as to totally enclose South-western Australia. Needless to say, it goes at right angles to the Gondwana Link pathway, and does seem a pretty blunt instrument for managing the interface between wildlife and agriculture. At least the proposal is starting to be documented - there is a pile of papers at https://consultation.epa.wa.gov.au/seve…/state-barrier-fence if you can get them to open (software problems have arisen). 

And please excuse the reminder below of what barrier fences do to migrating emus.

Historic photo of emu carcasses along the existing fence. Photo Graeme Chapman

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