Gondwana Link

The world's vanishing wild places are vital for saving species

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 12/10/2016

No, this article published in The Conversation isn't about Gondwana Link. Yes, the article below is about the most fundamental ecological objective of Gondwana Link - maintaining evolutionary processes for the long haul. It is not enough to save, for now, the last few of any of the multitude of rare species here. This article is about the critical need for abundance in nature. "We are not just losing wild places with clean air and water and beautiful vistas. We are losing the raw fuel of evolution and adaptation that has taken life millions of years to accumulate." In south-western Australia that raw fuel took an almost globally unprecedented 250 million years of continuous, and still rapid, evolutionary change to accumulate into the bewildering richness we can still see today.

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