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Connecting to Country at camps at Nowanup and Chingarrup

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 01/02/2018

Eugene Eades and volunteers at Chingarrup

Connecting to Country at camps at Nowanup and Chingarrup

Over the January long weekend two camps were held at Nowanup and Chingarrup, inland from Bremer Bay east of Albany. Both are wonderful properties with extensive bush and re-vegetation areas forming part of Gondwana LInk ( GL) (gondwanalink.org)

The camp at Nowanup focused on working with Minang Elder Eugene Eades on infrastructure upgrades. Around 14 people participated in this busy organised by Rod Safstrom of Friends of Nowanup.

At Chingarrup, owned by Eddy and Donna Wajon, the focus was on citizen science bird and fauna monitoring,planting and property maintenance with over 14 volunteers. Dr Nic Dunlop of the Conservation Council of WA coordinates the ongoing bird survey research at this and other sites.

Highlights for me from the weekend included:

- The exchange of visits between Nowanup and Chingarrup, and for many of the Chingarrup group to get a guided tour of Nowanup by Eugene. 
- Great to see folk from Friends of Nowanup, Bush Heritage, Green Skills, Conservation Council of WA and conservation landholders all interacting and networking. 
- Lots achieved with the Nowanup busy bee including putting up the Eco Safari Tent which will expand accommodation available there. 
- Outings to active Malleefowl mounds in re-vegetation areas at both Chingarrup and Bush Heritage's Monjebup North properties.. 
- Seeing the numbers of volunteers actively involved at both GL properties. 
- Lots of music happened at Nowanup
- And more !

Thanks to all who contributed to a rewarding weekend !

Basil Schur

Bird Banding at Chingarrup coordinated by Dr Nic Dunlop of the Conservation Council of WA
Spongollite rock with fossils visited at Monjebup North ( Bush Heritage reserve)
Active mound in 3 or so year old revegetation at North Monjebup ( Bush Heritage Reserve )
Eco Safari Tent nearing completing at Nownaup
Music at Nowanup with Eugene Eades

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