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Filming to make short documentaries

Posted by: Keith Bradby

Published: 12/11/2018

Frank Rijavec, with sound technician Margaret Robertson, film Bo Janmaat at Twin Creeks Reserve. Photo Lucia Quearry.

Yes we are out there gathering some of many stories about the wonderful people, groups and places we work with. Gondwana Link now has an ongoing program of short documentaries, and maybe a a long one or two, with 'Sound in the Ground' the first to be filmed. Its incredibly exciting what local groups like Friends of the Porongurups have achieved, and its time to share that excitement with a much wider audience.

Here Frank Rijavec is nearly finished the filming stage of his Gondwana Link project 'Sound in the Ground'. He and his sound technician Margaret came out to Twin Creeks Reserve to do some filming. Their efforts were rewarded by finding excellent filming subjects, bloodroot, a goanna and Bo Janmaat telling them about the Citizen Science program the Friends are conducting on the Reserve.

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