Gondwana Link

Ranges and Rocks

The southwest of Australia has some of the worlds oldest mountains – so old in fact that only the weathered stumps remain. They are not tall by world standards, but have an ancestry much older than the life that abounds on them. The ranges of hills that form the Stirling Range, the Porongurup Range, the Barren Ranges and the Ravensthorpe Range make up for their lack of height by creating the conditions for plants and animals that are found nowhere else.

The ancient, weathered and mostly flat land surface of the Gondwana Link area is further broken by granite outcrops and domes, sometimes forming high and isolated peaks like Peak Charles, that dominate the surrounding landscape, and often as more subtle rock outcrops or sheets of exposed rocks such as the Lillian Stokes area east of Lake King. These outcrops are like islands within the landscapes, harbouring their own specific communities of plants and animals and possibly providing refuge for many of these as climates change.

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