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Great Western Woodlands - Research and Reports  

Don't fence them in - Technical paper, 17 December 2012

Great Western Woodlands Case Statement 
This 2 page document provides an overview of the project.

For information on the values and current situation of the Helena and Aurora Range http://helenaaurorarange.com.au

The Woodlands Declaration by 50 leading scientists
An open letter to Western Australian Premier and Environment Minister by leading scientists calling for urgent protection of this region.

Carbon in the Great Western Woodlands - report & summary document
The role of natural forests in carbon storage, part 2: biomass carbon stocks in the Great Western Woodlands. Published by the Australian National University, written by Sandra Berry, Heather Keith, Brendan Mackey, Matthew Brookhouse, and Justin Jonson. 

The Extraordinary Nature of the Great Western Woodlands  - summary
This study has been undertaken to inform all those individuals, communities and organisiations with an interest in the Great Western Woodlands. The authors hope this report will act as a catalyst to bring people together to discuss the central challenges that must be met if the nature of the region is to be conserved. 

A Biodiversity and Cultural Conservation Strategy for the Great Western Woodlands
This strategy was a government initiative providing a framework to manage the range of different uses of the woodlands to ensure the long-term protection of its natural and cultural values.

Rarity of a top predator triggers continent-wide collapse of mammal prey: dingoes and marsupials in Australia - Vol 274

Temporal variations in reptile assemblages in the Goldfields of Western Australia - Vol 88