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Stop and rethink the fence


The Western Australian Government has commenced a program to upgrade and extend the State Barrier Fence. Once known as the Rabbit Proof Fence, the 1,170 km State Barrier Fence runs from near Kalbarri to Ravensthorpe and is designed to stop emus, dingoes and feral dogs from moving onto nearby farms in the wheatbelt. The program raises significant ecological and animal welfare issues and should not proceed. Tens of thousands of emus die on the fence in migration years when they move southwards towards the coast. The fence will also stop kangaroos, Dingoes, Echidnas and Black-gloved Wallabies and hinder the movement of other wildlife.

The most significant part of the current program is a 500 to 730 km extension of the fence from Ravensthorpe to Cape Arid. This ‘Esperance extension’ will mean that the State Barrier Fence would, for larger wildlife, essentially cut the south west of Australia off from the rest of the Australian continent.

Environmental groups are calling on the Government to stop the current program and redirect funding already allocated to the program to find less cruel, and more environmentally friendly means of managing wildlife and feral dogs on the interface between farms and the Great Western Woodlands.

Support the 'Stop and rethink the fence' campaign

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Technical report

Key concerns about the project are outlined in the brochure here (1Mb). A more comprehensive paper on the impacts and issues associated with the proposed fence upgrade and extension is available for download here (1.3Mb).

Where is the proposed fence?

The red dotted line on the map below shows the location of the proposed fence extension.