Gondwana Link
Achieving the vision

Achieving the vision

Gondwana Link is perhaps best seen not so much as a large landscape program, but as a number of smaller area programs fitting together cohesively to produce a large landscape change. This doesn’t so much imply that the programs and groups work closely together, but that their results fit closely together, which is very different. While part of the work of Gondwana Link Ltd is to improve the ‘fitting together’ for the end result, it’s the groups who have responsibility for achieving substantial change in the respective areas.

Use the links below to find out more on each area and the work being undertaken. 

  1. Augusta-Margaret River
  2. Karri and coast
  3. Walpole Wilderness Area
  4. Forest to Stirlings
  5. Lindesay Link
  6. Ranges Link
  7. Manypeaks
  8. Stirlings
  9. Stirlings to Fitzgerald River
  10. Fitzgerald Wilderness
  11. Ravensthorpe Range
  12. Great Western Woodlands