Gondwana Link
The Work

The Work

Where, How and What 

Gondwana Link provides the opportunity for local scale work to be accelerated and contribute to a larger achievement. This enables us to aim higher and look to the long term outcomes rather than project scale outputs. It also provides an opportunity for people and groups to see how their work contributes to a program of national and global significance. 

Use the links below to find out more on each area and the work being undertaken. 

Proteaceous heath FS440-16
Proteaceous heath FS440-16 >Typical mallee heath with proteaceous species (eg banksias) which are highly evolved and flourish into this country. Photo Chinch Gryniewicz.
Yarrabee after FS440-19
Yarrabee after FS440-19 >Here is the same place 9 years later. Photo Amanda Keesing.